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Bloomberg Lays Debate Egg

Michael Bloomberg had a rough night at the 2020 Presidential debate in Las Vegas.  Elizabeth Warren scalped him with questions about female employees whom have accused Bloomberg of various hostile workplace matters.  How, according to stories from the Washington Post, the women were paid off and forced to sign NDA forms, Non-Disclosure Agreements.  But Warren was not alone as all of the other Democrat candidates on stage took swipes at Bloomberg.  There were some 45 attacks on Bloomberg, double those against the next most attacked, Bernie Sanders with 22.  After s[ending over $400 Million dollars, $300 Million just on TV ads, Bloomberg was flat and appeared ill prepared for his first debate.


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Bloomberg Insults Farmers

Last week, recordings of Mike Bloomberg insulting Blacks and Hispanics emerged.  Now, video of Bloomberg insulting farmers has popped up.  Who will Mini-Mike trash next?  Could this be why he is considering to team up with Hillary Clinton as his running mate?  So they can insult Americans together?  It would seem so.  Meanwhile, the Washington Post has dug up more stories about women Bloomberg insulted at his corporation.  Seems that Mini-Mike is not a fan of pregnancy.  Too many of his female workers are getting pregnant, taking time off from their jobs.  He is alleged to have told one such lady to kill her infant before it is born.  Bloomberg also doesn't think much of babies in general.  He allegedly said that babies only eat and poop and are of no value for anything else.  So, Bloomberg apparently hates Blacks, Hispanics, farmers, mothers and babies.  Oh, yes, he hates President Trump, too!


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Justice For Roger Stone

The Roger Stone sentencing injustice has unleashed yet another firestorm among Democrats and The Media.  Many are calling for Attorney General William Barr to resign or be impeached after 4 federal prosecutors resigned.  At issue are the sentencing guideline suggestions by the prosecutors to Judge Amy Berman Jackson.  The original prosecutors wanted the book thrown at Stone, 7 to 9 years, for his conviction.  AG Barr, some weeks ago, determined that this was far too much, given that Stone had a clean record and there are questions about his arrest and trial.  Barr told the prosecutors over a week ago to recommend a sentence of just 2 to 3 years.  Stone, 67, was caught up in the Mueller probe and the Russia witch hunt.  The arrest of Roger Stone was leaked to CNN, which showed up with cameras when federal agents raided Stone's home at 3am in the morning.


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Escape From New Hampshire Primary

The 2020 New Hampshire primary results are in.  At least most of it.  With 87% of the vote counted, Democrats picked Bernie Sanders as their winner, though not by much.  In 2016, running against mainly just Hillary Clinton, Bernie won with 60% of the vote to Hillary's 38%. But against a wider field, The Bern only got just under 26%.  Pete Buttigieg follows close second with nearly 25%.  Amy Klobuchar finished with nearly 20%.  Elizabeth Warren had a rough night, winding up with less than 10% and Uncle Joe Biden got less than 9%.  Which may explain why Biden escaped from New Hampshire before high noon and flew down to South Carolina. He did not even stick around to thank his team in the Granite State.  Poor Joe.


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Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier

Today is the New Hampshire primary.  The 2020 Democrat presidential race is gotten off to a bumpy start.  Last week during the Iowa caucus, a clear winner is still a question mark.  While Pete Buttigieg has been declared the winner, both his and runner-up Bernie Sanders campaigns have requested a recanvas of the results.  Irregularities have been found in some 145 precinct vote tallies.  In many cases, more people cast votes in the 2nd round of the caucus than in the 1st, which should be impossible as the doors were supposed to be locked.  Meanwhile, New Hampshire is proving to be rough going for Joe Biden. During an event, Biden called a 21-year old female student a, "lying dog-faced pony soldier".  Bizarre, eh?  Biden says he was just joking but the young woman isn't buying it.  


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New Way Forward Act

Thank goodness for Tucker Carlson!  The Fox News host informed his viewers last night of a crazy bill House Democrats are trying to pass.  Its called the New Way Forward Act, H.R.5383.  About 40 House Democrats have signed on to this mess.  The bill would essentially decriminalize illegal immigration and end the deportations of any immigrant who commits a serious felony offense.  That includes murder, rape, domestic violence and child molestation.  Worse yet, the bill would also require that the United States government, through U.S. taxpayers, return to America all previously deported criminals!  Liberals may try to argue that this only applies to those convicted illegal immigrants who have families inside the USA.  But, as we know, once the camel sticks his nose under the tent, the rest of the camel is not far behind.


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Trump Victory Lap

President Donald John Trump took a victory lap today, celebrating his acquittal by the Senate yesterday.  He started off with a 30-minute speech at the annual National Prayer Breakfast event, with arch enemy Crazy Nancy Pelosi sitting a few chairs away.  Trump took a shot at her, as well as one aimed at Mitt Romney.  Most of the speech remained on topic, protecting religious beliefs worldwide.  The audience didn't mind a bit of gloating, they knew he deserved some latitude.  Then the scene shifted to the White House East Room at noon.  With some pomp and ceremony, President Trump had a full 50-minute long gloat session.  After nearly 4 years of attacks and investigations, of lies and hatred, Trump certainly deserved a chance to spike the football.  


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Senate Acquits Trump

The United States Senate voted on both articles of impeachment today.  Donald John Trump, President of the United States of America, was acquitted by the Senate on both articles.  The Senate acquits trump by a vote of 52 to 48 on Article One, Abuse of Power, on Article Two, the Not Guilty verdict vote was 53 to 47.  Mitt Romney was the only Republican who voted guilty on the Article One vote.  After the vote, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell awarded Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts the Golden Gavel.  A momento usually given to new senators who preside in the Senate's President Chair for at least 100 hours. Other recognition was paid by both McConnell and Chucky Schumer to Senate staff, pages and Congressional police.  Thus, this exercise in anti-Trump hatred comes to an end, for the time being.  House Democrats are already plotting their next attack.


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Trump SOTU Speech 2020

President Donald J. Trump delivered the 2020 State of the Union speech last night.  He was inspirational, yet low-key by Trump standards.  The theme was the "Great American Comeback".  But not everyone in the chamber of the House of Representatives was happy that America is a stronger, wealthier, safer and more prosperous nation.  Democrats sat on their hands throughout much of the SOTU speech for 2020.  Nancy Pelosi even tore up the official copy of the SOTU, which, the Constitution requires the President to give Congress each year in writing which is then given to the National Archives for safe keeping.  At one point, House Democrat women, all dressed in white per the Suffragette Movement, collectively hissed at President Trump.  Democrats cheered at very little of the speech, even when Trump gave a young Black girl a scholarship to a private school.  Nor when a surviving member of the Tuskegee airmen got his brigadier general star while his grandson dreams of joining the newly created Space Force.  Nor would House Democrats applaud for the mother whose daughter was born prematurely after just 21 weeks and is now a healthy 2 year old.


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Iowa Caucus 2020 Results

The Iowa 2020 caucus results are in!  Well, some of them are.  As of 5pm Eastern, the Iowa Democratic Party has released some of the tallies from just 62.2% of over 1,700 precincts.  Pete Buttigieg leads the 2nd Round vote with about 27%, Bernie Sanders at 25%.  Elizabeth Warren follows with almost 19%, Joe Biden with more than 15%, and Amy Klobuchar with more than 12%.  After her, Andrew Yang only got 1% and the rest of the dummies less than 1%.  However, based on some analysis of the vote tallies in Iowa's 99 counties, Bernie Sanders appears to be the actual winner once all the votes are counted with probably 30% over Buttigieg getting maybe 25%.  Warren and Biden may be much closer, enough to switch place finishes.  Either way, the 2020 Iowa caucus has turned out to be an embarrassing disaster for Democrats.  Especially now as we learn that the brand new smart phone vote reporting app, from a company called Shadow, Inc., was created by two former Hillary Clinton data managers.  DUH!  Did anybody think that Hillary's IT staff was going to do a better job than running her private server that lost 33,000 emails?  I guess not!


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