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Schools Expand Adulting 101 Courses

It was bad enough when colleges and universities began holding Adulting 101 courses, teaching students how to change tires, sew buttons and balance a checkbook.  Now, high schools are joining in.  Madison Bloodgood of Torrington High School in Goshen County, Kansas launched a pilot program and now the county is expanding it to all high schools in their district. Bloodgood explains that the course is designed to make, "semi-functional adults".  Semi-functional, eh?  That is just what we need going to the polls and voting on major issues and or political office candidates.  Or having semi-functional adults sitting on juries.  Maybe that explains why Roger Stone was convicted on 7 counts of 'process crimes', allegedly lying to investigators.  He can thank semi-functional adults for spending the next 50 years in pris0n, if he lives that long! Bloodgood says that adulting courses are needed because students are so busy trying to learn other things, like socialism, multiculturalism, diversity studies and political correctness.  Or how to protest!

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Same Schiff, Different Day

Adam Schiff will be banging his gavel again today in the sham Trump impeachment hearing.  Today's witness is former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Maria Yovanovitch.  She claims that she was fired unfairly by President Trump after his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, "threw hand grenades", besmirching her.  Keep in mind that she was appointed as ambassador by Barack Hussein Obama, and Trump has every right to replace her, for any reason he wants.  Typically, when a new administration takes office, most, if not all ambassadors are replaced.  That she lingered on for as long as she did is more due to the U.S. Senate dragging its feet dealing with other personnel changes.  Yovanovitch publicly supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election and Ukraine's early criticism of Trump may have been requested by her.  As reported by John Solomon of The Hill, hardly a right-wing publication, Ukraine did act against the Trump campaign in 2016.  It was their release of financial data on Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort, which caused him to resign and led to criminal charges made against him.

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Media Impeachment Lunacy

House Democrats, led by Adam Schiff, laid a massive egg yesterday.  The first day of public impeachment hearings came up short as the two 'star' witnesses had nothing to offer but hearsay and conjecture.  One Democrat, Representative Quigley, even blurted out the ridiculous notion that hearsay is better evidence than direct knowledge or circumstantial evidence.  The best the witnesses could say was that he was told about what President Trump said from somebody whose assistant over heard a conversation. We knew what these witnesses were going to say before the hearings as the transcripts of their previous testimony during a secret hearing in front of Schiff's Intelligence Committee had been released last week.  This did not stop The Media from going hysterical, spewing fake news lunacy all day long.  MSNBC led the way, promising that the Trump presidency was now in peril.  CNN tried to be just as foolish, but their shot at being the worst fake news coverage was spoiled by legal commentator, Jeffery Tubin.  He had the good sense to point out that neither of the two witnesses offered any evidence of President Trump violating the Constitution.  Tubin even dismissed the silly idea that hearsay is better than direct or circumstantial evidence.

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Public Impeachment Hearings Begin Today

In a not so distant swamp land, called Washington DC, there was a guy named Trump, not too different from you or me.  He worked as our nation's president, the latest White House resident.  He did a good job making America great, which made Democrats and Media full of hate.  They made up crazy fake news, all full of lies.  They repeat them 24/7 to confuse our minds.  Now keep in mind Trump can't control when the witch hunt begins or ends.  So he needs some special help from his right-wing friends.  Trump friend roll-call, Ingraham (Hi Guys!), Hannity (I'm cool), Ru-uh-uh-uh-ush!  Don't worry about who Trump calls or tweets, or other silly facts.  Just repeat to yourself its the economy, sosit back and relax, for Trump reelection 2020!

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Don Cherry Fired

The iconic analyst for CBC televion's, "Hockey Night In Canada", Don Cherry, was fired today by the CBC and Sportsnet for comments made Saturday night during the live NHL coverage.  Cherry, 85, went political, complaining how "new immigrants" are ungrateful towards members of the Canadian military.  That they show no appreciation for the freedoms others have fought and died for.  He said this having apparently observed very few of "you guys", referring to new immigrants, not wearing poppies.  On Monday, November 11, 2019, Canada celebrates Remembrance Day, honoring its military veterans.  Citizens are encouraged to wear a red poppy, usually on their blouse or suit jacket, to show their respect.  Many nations do likewise, but in Canada it is more special.  The association with poppies comes from  the poem, "In Flanders Field", written during World War One by Canadian medical officer, Lt. Colonel John McCrae.  He wrote the poem, which deas with both the horrors and heroism of The Great War, in 1915 for the funeral of a personal friends, killed during the Battle of Ypres.

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Whistleblower Lawyer Called For Coup

Talk about ambulance chasing!  How about a lawyer actively trying to prove a crime long before it allegedly happened?  Such is the case for Mark S. Zaid.  He is the lawyer for the Trump-Ukraine whistleblower.  Back in January, 2017, Zaid tweeted on Twitter that, "#coup has started."  He already was calling for the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump.  Add to this what we now know about the timeline on how this latest witch hunt began, the picture grows clearer that this is little more than a phony, highly partisan attack against the 2016 election results.  The Democrats have never accepted those results and their allies in The Media and the Deep State will do anything to overturn the election.

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One Year Till 2020 Vote

We are just one year away from November 6, 2020, our next national election day!  While generic, nationwide polls, promoted by The Media, show President Donald Trump being defeated by several of the Democrat candidates, polls of likely voters in key 'Battleground States' show our President easily beating all but one.  Joe Biden is up by an edge in one such poll and dead even in another.  This is problematic for Democrats, as Biden is polling badly in early caucus and primary states.  His campaign has also been having trouble raising money.  Biden has run twice before and both times got blown out early in the primary season.  The two candidates polling the best in early states are Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.  Both have the cash and organization to survive the initial batch of primaries.  The problem for both, however, is that in the battleground polls, President Trump beats them.  


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Book Review - The Case For Nationalism By Rich Lowry

Happy am I when I get to do a book review for a work I agree with 90% or more!  Such is the new book by Rich Lowry, "The Case For Nationalism:  How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free".  Published by Broadside Books, an imprint of Harper Collins, Lowry does an excellent job laying out his argument.  Now, I will admit that when I first opened the package when then book was delivered, I was skeptical.  Rich Lowry is an editor for the National Review, a publication which was largely anti-Trump in 2015-16.  However, Lowry, to his credit, did not sign the 'Never Trump' declaration the magazine issued.  Lowry has some issues with our President, such as his tone and tweeting, but Lowry apparently likes Trump's policies, as well he should.

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Liz Warren 52 Trillion Dollar Lie

Senator Elizabeth Warren finally made her 'Medicare For All' plan public.  The cost is estimated at some $52 TRILLION dollars over its first 10 years.  That would average out to more the doubling the current federal budget, which is about $4.5 Trillion per year.  Warren claims that her plan will not cost the Middle Class a single extra penny.  However, her plan has at least three funding methods which would impact the Middle Class.  The most glaring example is an increase in payroll taxes, which effect all income earners.  In addition, there are fees on financial transactions, which would effect anyone with a 401K, possibly even anyone with a bank account, plus higher taxes on small businesses.  Most small business owners are Middle Class, earner usually between $35,000 to $80,000 per year.  Hardly rich by any standard.

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Democrat Impeachment Vote Halloween Trick

The House Democrats are playing a Halloween trick on the American people today.  They will be voting on the impeachment resolution, laying out the procedure for the inquiry.  Any hope that this inquiry would be a fair and objective one were dashed when the text of the resolution were made public late Tuesday.  While it does authorize the House Judiciary Committee to begin holding hearings, some in public, the resolution still allows Adam Schiff to hold his secret hearings in the House Intelligence Committee.  Also, House Republicans will be severely restricted in participating.  Any witnesses they want to subpoena must be approved of by  committee chairs, and any questions asked of any witnesses are subject to the whims of the two committee chairs.  Nagler and Schiff will also be able to limit questions posed to witnesses by President Trump's lawyers.  Nancy Pelosi is fooling the American people, tricking them into thinking that this inquiry is legitimate or honest.

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