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Harvard Study Proves Media Bias, Hatred of Trump

The Shorenstein Center, part of Harvard′s Kennedy School, compiled a study of media coverage of the first 100 days of President Donald J. Trump. The numbers were overwhelming negative, and the coverage itself was some three times more than any other president′s first 100 days. Some 41% of all news was focused on Trump. CNN and NBC News came in at 93% negative story lines. I am guessing that the NBC numbers may include MSNBC, which must be in the upper 90% range. CBS came in at 91%, the New York Times at 87%, the Washington Post at 83%, the Wall Street Journal at 70%. Fox News came in about the most balanced with only 52% negative coverage. Overseas was not much better with the BBC at 74% negative coverage, the Financial Times at 84% and the German ARD at a whopping 98% negative coverage!



Overall, President Donald Trump′s first 100 days scored 80% negative coverage. Other presidents came in as follows: Barack Obama with only 41% negative coverage, George W. Bush at 57% and Bill Clinton at 60%. There is no doubt that media coverage of President Trump is exceedingly negative, showing extreme bias which borders on outright hatred.


Just look at a recent exchange on CNN between CNN host Kate Baldwin and former U.S. Navy SEAL Carl Higbie. Baldwin lost complete control of herself and began an angry rant when Higbie questioned the media′s reliance on ′unnamed, anonymous′ sources. This exchange followed a series of news stories published by the Washington Post and the New York Times in the past 2 weeks which turned out to be false. Or, in other words, ′Fake News′.


Consider this whole investigation into the alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian meddling in the 2016 election. To begin with, our intelligence services were not all that concerned about it as they claim they knew Russia was hacking and meddling in late 2015. The FBI did not actually launch its ′Counter-Intelligence′ probe until July, 2016. To date, there is no genuine evidence of any collusion with Russia involving the Trump campaign, nor its transition team, nor the current White House staff. Even the alleged hacking by Russia of the DNC computer system is unproven as the DNC refused to allow the FBI to access their computer server. Only a review by a Ukraine-based company, CrowdStrike, which has direct ties to the Hillary Clinton campaign, claims that Russian hackers are responsible for the leaked DNC emails.


There is way more evidence of collusion between Barack Obama, along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, with Russia than there is with Donald Trump. Just the Uranium One deal, which both Hillary and Obama approved, and which led Bill Clinton to get double his usual speaking fee for a speech he gave to a Moscow bank, is a good example of ′pay-for-play′ collusion with the Russians. Only an idiot would think that Russia would prefer Trump as president rather than Hillary Clinton. Hillary is a known factor with a history favorable to Russia.


Yet, for weeks and months now, The Media has been slamming the administration of President Donald Trump over this and other matters. All of it on based on lies, fake news and anonymous sources. As lawyer Alan Dershowitz points out, even if there was any collusion between the Trump team and Russia, no federal law would have been broken. The same media largely ignored the Benghazi Scandal, despite 4 dead Americans and over 400 emails, telegrams, faxes and reports about the need for more security. Or the complete lie from the Obama administration about some stupid You-Tube video being the reason for the attack in Benghazi. No, the media bias against President Donald Trump has approached a level of corruption which the American people should not tolerate. The First Amendment does not give license to this type of slander, which is harming our nation.



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