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President Donald Trump Visits Israel

President Donald J. Trump arrived in Israel today, the second nation to visit during his first overseas trip. This was a first for a U.S. President, as well as a first for a President to fly directly from Saudi Arabia to Israel. He and First Lady Melania Trump were met with much fanfare in Tel Aviv by Israeli President Reuven Rivlin, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and their wives. President Trump also became the first sitting U.S. President to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem. After a highly successful visit to Saudi Arabia, we expect nothing else but a repeat in Israel.




There is no doubt that President Trump is well liked in Israel. PM Netanyahu regards him as a true friend to the tiny nation state. Some people here in America have issues with Israel, but if ever a state existed which enacted out a Nationalist policy for their country, it is Israel. That they usually always try to act in their own self-interest is a lesson we can learn from.


Since WW2, America has been run by our leaders mainly as a ′Chump′ nation. An open, blank checkbook and doormat to the rest of the world. The election of President Donald Trump has changed all of that. Finally, we, too, are acting in our own best interests. We have already seen many examples, even before Trump was sworn into office, where other nations are beginning to treat us with respect. One can even argue that some of the actions and rhetoric coming out of North Korea and Iran is due to the realization that America is no longer a push-over as it was for the previous 8 years.


President Donald Trump will have a very busy day in Israel, visiting Holy Sites and demonstrating our commitment to defeating terrorism and improving the future. So far, President Trump and First Lady Melania have been winning the hearts and minds of their hosts on their first foreign trip. They will end the day having dinner with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sara.


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