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Will Sean Hannity Be Next Booted From Fox News?

The heat is on as an organized effort puts pressure on the Fox News Channel to dump Sean Hannity. MediaMatters and other groups are going after advertisers again, just as they did against Bill O′Reilly. Fox News is also feeling some backlash after retracting a story about the murdered DNC staffer, Seth Rich, which was featured on Hannity′s show. A private investigator walked back claims made earlier about evidence that Rich had been in contact with WikiLeaks just days before his death and 12 days before WikiLeaks began publishing DNC emails. Julian Assange had offered a $20,000 reward for any information as to who killed Seth Rich, leading many to suspect that Rich may have been the source of the leaked DNC emails. Authorities, under the Barack Obama administration at the time, claimed that the DNC was hacked by Russians, who passed the emails along to WikiLeaks. Assange refuses to say who he got the emails from.


The backlash from this story caused Sean Hannity to hint at the end of his show earlier this week that he may not be on the air soon. Fox News was embarrassed by the story and apologized to the Rich family. Meanwhile, a growing number of advertisers are pulling their ads from Hannity′s show. The latest being, a web-based service for consumers to find new and used cars to buy.


Naturally, the real reason Hannity is being threatened is because of his attacks on the Fake News Media, Liberals, and even Establishment GOP ′RINOs′ and ′CINOs′. Plus, his public support for President Donald Trump. Hannity even supported Trump during the latter half of the GOP primaries once Trump had the nomination all sewn up. During most of the primaries, Hannity also did not attack Trump, even though he appeared to be supporting Sen. Ted Cruz for a time.


For 17 years, the Fox News Channel ruled cable news, with ratings well ahead of their competitors, namely CNN and MSNBC. However, the latest numbers are in and FNC finished 3rd in the prime-time slot among viewers in the all-important demographic age of 25-54. Overall, Fox News still leads the other cable news channels the rest of the day. Since the shake-up in the Fox News line-up after Bill O′Reilly was fired, MSNBC has done much better, inching out FNC with prime-time audiences. CNN came in third overall, but finished second after MSNBC among the 25-54 demo.


In recent weeks, we have seen a major shift in the news coverage at FNC. Even many new faces as guests. There does appear to be a reconfiguring going on at Fox News to become more ′Mainstream′. But, actually, this trend began even before the firing of Roger Ailes, who led the news channel to its success catering to Conservative Americans. Changes at the top at News Corp., the parent company owned by the Murdoch family signaled this trend as Rupert Murdoch handed over control to his children. Fox News went on the air some 21 years ago and quickly dominated the ratings due to Roger Ailes and his formula for broadcasting style. Namely airing both sides to any story along with plenty of pretty women in front of the camera in short skirts and dresses.


Prime-time programming at Fox News had been especially successful with a string of Traditionalist and Conservative commentary hosts. Bill O′Reilly was the King of Cable News Commentary programs for nearly two decades while at Fox News. Sean Hannity was also quite successful, but his ratings did fluctuate depending on the election cycle. Over all viewership is down for cable news in general after the contentious 2016 campaign. A lot of people simply got burnt out and had enough. Add to that how more people now get their news from various Internet-based outlets. While the ′Death of TV′ may happen eventually, it is more likely that ′TV′ will simply be absorbed on to the Net.


Is Sean Hannity close to being fired by Fox News? Will the Fox News Channel sink into obscurity as it becomes more ′Mainstream′, a.k.a. ′Liberal′? We are certainly seeing signs of the latter. Between Hannity and Tucker Carlson, FNC′s prime-time programming is still the most Conservative on television. But there are some other news outlets rising to serve Conservative viewers. NewsMax has a syndicated program on many channels, as well as a new Internet-based one featuring Mark Levin and Michelle Malkin. There is also talk of a another new cable TV news channel to be built around Bill O′Reilly once he clears any contractual obstacles. The future for Sean Hannity at Fox News may not be good, but the future for FNC itself is becoming very bleak.


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