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Adam Schiff Memo MIA

Remember the Adam Schiff memo? The 10-page Democratic Party response to the 4-page FISA abuse memo drafted by Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy? It was all the rage last week. Everybody in The Media was dying to read it. However, after the White House determined, with the help of the FBI and DOJ, that the Schiff memo could not be declassified without some major redacting, the memo was sent back to House Democrats for a rewrite. One would think that given it was only 10 pages long, they would only need a day or two to edit it. But, here we are 5 days later and still no memo! As Hillary Clinton would say, ″What Happened?″




Now, many suspected that the Schiff memo was a trap set for forcing President Donald Trump to make the redactions himself. Then, House Democrats could claim that they were being censored unfairly, even though it was their own fault for revealing ′sources and methods′ which could compromise national security. All of the urgency railed about by Democrats has subsided into a black hole of silence. Nobody is talking about it now nor is there any word about when a revised version will be resubmitted for release.


Some members of Congress who have read the memo say that the Schiff memo is primarily an attack on Devin Nunes. One point which was apparently delved into in the Schiff memo was how the FBI had considered former MI6 officer Christopher Steele as a valuable intelligence resource in the past. Steele, along with the political opposition research company, Fusion GPS, provided the FBI with a 32-page dossier about the Trump campaign which led to the FBI obtaining a FISA warrant to spy upon Team Trump. Even before the FBI went to the FISA court to request the warrant, their relationship with Steele had been terminated as Steele broke FBI protocols by contacting media outlets about the dossier.


Whatever urgency there was about the Schiff memo seems to have faded away now that their attempt to entrap the Trump administration has backfired. After all of the bluster and hullabaloo, House Democrats appear to be in no hurry to revise the Schiff memo. Recent polls show that 50% or more of the American people now believe that the Trump campaign was unfairly spied upon by the FBI. Even a growing number of Democratic voters are losing faith with the whole Russian collusion story. While the Russians may have tried to interfere in the 2016 elections, most believe that the Trump campaign was not working with them, directly nor indirectly.


This effort to invalidate the 2016 election results has failed. Which, is probably why Adam Schiff is in no hurry to stick his pencil neck out to continue this phony narrative. If anything, each new day brings more signs that the plot to rob President Trump of legitimacy is going higher up the food chain. Not just to the Hillary Clinton campaign but straight to the Barack Obama White House. The email Susan Rice sent to herself on her last day in office was clearly a cover-up to protect Obama and others from this political dirty trick.


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