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America, An Attractive Nuisance

Today, Day 20 of the partial government shutdown, President Donald Trump is meeting with border patrol officers in McAllen, Texas. He′ll get an up-close, first-hand account of the current crisis along our southern border with Mexico. Tuesday night, President Trump addressed the nation, laying out the realities of the crisis, along with his plan for securing the border. Wednesday, he invited Congressional leaders from both political parties to the White House to negotiate a resolution. He even handed out candy before the talks began. But, Democrats refused to negotiate or compromise. When asked point-blank by President Trump, Nancy Pelosi even refuse to discuss funding border security after a quick reopening of government. President Trump walked out of the meeting, realizing it was a waste of time.




Democrats, and their Liberal allies in the Fake News Media, claim that there is no crisis at our border. That President Trump is just manufacturing a crisis. Apparently, they do not believe the honest facts about how some 300 Americans die from heroin use each week. That 90% of that heroin enters the USA from Mexico. While most of it comes through ′Ports of Entry′, at least 20% does come through other parts of the border. The need for Customs and Border Protection, CBP, officers patrolling our border means fewer officers to stop drugs entering through ports of entry.


There is indeed a crisis at our southern border! Over a quarter million illegal immigrants are arrested by CBP and ICE officers each year. About half for violent crimes, including rape and murder. There is indeed a humanitarian crisis, too! While President Trump mentioned in his Tuesday night address that one-third of the women traveling through Mexico to illegally enter the United States are raped, the actual number is quite higher. Some estimates are between 60% to 80%. Ask the mayor of Tijuana if these migrant caravans, organized by groups opposed to President Trump, are a humanitarian crisis?


Nancy Pelosi and other Liberals say that building a wall or barrier of any kind is immoral. But, in fact, under the kooky mindset of Liberals, it is necessary and very moral. America is, what Liberal lawyers would term, an ′Attractive Nuisance′. This term is often used by Liberal lawyers in legal cases to get clients off on trespassing or other crimes. As well as for suing property owners. An example of an attractive nuisance is when a home owner builds a swimming pool in their backyard. Children from the neighborhood may trespass to use the pool and wind up drowning or being injured.


Attractive nuisance is an excuse to blame those who are wealthy for creating temptations for the poor and less fortunate. If you have lots of nice cars, leaving out in the open attracts car thieves. If you buy a lot of stuff which is delivered to your porch, you are attracting ′Porch Pirates′ to steal packages. Under the concept of an attractive nuisance, the wealthy property is at fault for not securing his or her property. Not having adequate walls or protection to dissuade the envious from being tempted to rob and trespass.


So, America is one, great big attractive nuisance as far as Liberals are concerned. This is why so many from other countries want to come here, even if they have to do so illegally. Especially thanks to President Donald Trump for reviving our economy! So, it is not only moral, but imperative that we secure our border and change our laws in order to dissuade those who seek to trespass and enter the United States illegally. We must not be such a tempting target!


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