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Another Judge Rules Against Mueller Probe Pettifoggery

Another federal judge slaps back against the Robert Mueller probe! More evidence that Mueller′s team has gone too far and their investigation is unraveling. On Saturday, U.S. District Court of the District of Columbia Judge Dabney Friedrich ruled against a request by the Mueller team to postpone a hearing on the Concord Management case. Who, or what is Concord Management? They are part of the 13 Russian indictments made by the Mueller Probe. Executives from Concord Management, as well as those of Concord Catering and the Internet Research Agency, were indicted by a grand jury empaneled by Mueller′s team for alleged actions during and after the 2016 elections. They allegedly conducted various activities to undermine voter confidence in general, as well as harm support for Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and, yes, even harm support for Donald Trump, too!




Back when the indictments were issued, nobody thought that anything would come of them. Why would any of those 13 Russian nationals return to the United States and stand trial? Well, all of that changed about a month ago when two American lawyers showed up claiming that they were representing clients from Concord Management. This caught Mueller and his gaggle of lawyers totally off guard! Now they began facing a barrage of discovery requests, including any information related to the case not yet made public. Even getting full details of evidence which has been made public could spell big trouble for Mueller, especially if it proves that they have overstepped their authority.


Needless to say, Robert Mueller and his team are dragging their feet, employing ever possible tactic of pettifoggery to delay turning over discovery requests, according to the lawyers for Concord Management. One excuse the Mueller team is using is that they are not certain that they have been able to serve all of the summons they wanted to. Well, Judge Friedrich isn′t buying their sob story. She is not delaying anything! Judge Friedrich is a scrappy juris, graduating magna cum laude from Trinity University. She received her degree in law from Yale and has some political experience in the Bush ′43 administration as well as the offices of Senator Orrin Hatch. President Trump nominated her the District Court bench after she served in other positions in the DOJ, such as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of California.


So, now we may get to see just how thorough a job Mueller and his crew did in investigation the so-called Russian Troll Farms. Was the Mueller team really interested in them or were they just a cover, an excuse, for going after President Donald Trump? Even though, we have heard time and time again, that President Trump was never the target. Robert Mueller and his growing team of lawyers do seem to be looking more and more at President Trump.


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