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Atheist Behind Texas Church Shooting

We have few facts as of yet but it does seem that the man behind the Texas church shooting yesterday was a very disturbed person. Devin Patrick Kelley drove some 35 miles from the San Antoino area to attack the Sutherland Springs First Baptist Church. He killed 26 and wounded another 20 church goers during the 11 o′clock service. Dressed in black tactical gear, including body armor, and using a Ruger AR-15, Kelley began shooting at least two people outside the church. He then entered the church and fired upon its occupants. As he exited, a neighbor across the street had grabbed his rifle and engaged Kelley. The killer fled in his vehicle, chased by the neighbor and the driver of a car passing by. About 5 miles later, Kelley ran off the road into a field, where he shot himself dead.




The first reports are that Devin Kelley was a former member of the U.S. Air Force, discharged in 2014 after being found guilty of beating up his wife and child in 2012. He recently worked as a security guard at a water park. Kelley was also an atheist, posting comments on social media against religious believers. The church he shot up was one which some of his ex-in-laws attended.


The name of the heroic neighbor who fired back at Kelley has yet to be made public. But the driver and owner of the chase car was Johnnie Langendorff. He has already been telling his part of the story on TV news. The motive for the shooting is still unknown, but it seems obvious that Devin Kelley had one or more axes to grind. Possibly he sought to kill some former in-laws. Possibly he just hated church goers. Either way, the Texas church shooting in Sutherland Springs now stands as the worst mass shooting at a church in both U.S. and Texas history.


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