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Banks Rejected Obama Iran Money Deal

Barack Obama tried to get two U.S. banks to violate American and international laws to facilitate Iran in a currency exchange. Iran had some $6 Billion worth of its own currency in a bank in Omar which they wanted to exchange for Euros. Barack Obama tried to help them. First, he issued a waiver to the bank in Omar to allow it to do the currency exchange, which was forbidden under international sanctions against Iran at the time. Then, the Obama administration tried to get two American banks to handle the currency exchange. Both banks declined since doing so would be illegal. Congress had passed a law approving of the financial sanctions, as did most other national governments. Obama then tried to get some European banks to play ball. So why did Obama go so far out of his way to help Iran? The answer is simple, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.




Valerie Jarrett has been very close to Barack and Michelle Obama for decades. Barack has described her as a sister. Jarrett′s relationship with Michelle may go beyond that. It was Jarrett who had gotten Michelle a job in the Chicago mayor′s office in 1991 and later, a high-paying, no-show job at the University of Chicago Medical Center. Jarrett has many skeletons in her closet. Valeria Jarrett is the granddaughter of Chicago political activist, Robert Taylor. Under Mayor Richard J. Daley in 1962, the Chicago Housing Authority, CHA, built the Robert Taylor Homes, a massive public housing project with over 4,400 apartments in some 28 buildings. In 1991, Daley′s son, Mayor Richard M. Daley, put Valerie Jarrett in charge of the now crime-ridden housing projects.


Jarrett pushed to outsource management of these housing projects. In 1995, she left the mayor′s office and became a top executive, and later CEO, of Habitat Company, the firm which acquired the lucrative contracts to manage Chicago′s slums. This includes a new development, Lawndale, which turned into a total disaster under Habitat. Housing inspectors cited some 1,080 code violations, rendering Lawndale uninhabitable. The U.S. government had to eat the $51 Million dollars of debt from Lawndale as the housing project was sold back to the City of Chicago for $10. Yep! A sawbuck! Oh, I forgot to mention that one of the chief developers responsible for Lawndale was Cecil Butler, who donated to Barack Obama′s political campaigns and later was brought into Habitat Company by Valerie Jarrett, replacing her as its CEO when she began working for Obama′s presidential campaign.


I could go on with more fascinating tidbits about the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, such as how she was the one who brought the Communist-activist, Van Jones, into the Obama administration as its ′Green Czar′. Jones used to run a radical, revolutionary group called STORM, Standing Together to Organize Revolutionary Movement. The former Maoist and author of ″Reclaiming Revolution″ now works for CNN. Jones can certainly thank Valerie Jarrett for that, too, I′ll bet!


Of course, Valerie Jarrett is not done yet. After Obama left the White House, he, Michelle and Valerie, moved into a $3 Million dollar mansion just down the street from where Jared Kushner and Ivanka live in Washington, DC. Rumor has it that the Obama mansion is headquarters for the anti-Trump resistance. Jarrett, it is said, runs the war room at the mansion, coordinating with the Fake News Media and the many Far-Left activist and agitator groups across America. So, one can easily draw the picture that the reason why Barack Obama is so favorable to Iran is thanks to his closest ally, the Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett.


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