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Beyond The Russian Indictments

Last Friday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein read the latest indictments from the federal grand jury empaneled by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian companies, whom some refer to as ′Troll Farms′, were indicted on various charges connected to meddling with the 2016 elections. Some operated within the United States, lying on their visas, while others engaged in pretending to be Americans on social media. The operation began at least in 2014 and continued well after the election in November, 2016. Rosenstein specified that concerning these indictments, no American citizens knowingly colluded with the Russians. However, some unwittingly did participate. That even includes Far-Left film producer Michael Moore, who attended an anti-Trump rally organized by the Russians.




How embarrassing! Yet, for all of the bluster and hype from The Media about these indictments, they really turn out to be something of a yawner. About $10 Million dollars was spent during and after the 2016 elections by these Russians, much of it during the primaries. Only about 1% of that, around $100,000, was spent on social media ads on sites like Facebook. Again, a good deal of that was spent both before and after the general election time period, from the post convention through till November 8, 2016. A lot of the activity was rather silly, from trolling on Twitter to hiring a Hillary Clinton look-a-like, dresser her in a prison outfit and having her ′perform′ in a caged outside a Trump rally.


The apparent goal of all of this Tom-Foolery was to create divisiveness and distrust in our brand of democracy. Like we, ourselves, need the Russians to aid us in that! Compared to what Barack Obama and his minions, along with Hillary Clinton and her minions, plus the DNC and The Media, were doing, the Russian effort hardly scratched the surface. Even in terms of the volume of lies and fake news about candidates, the Obama-Hillary-DNC-Media cabal spent way more money and created far more fake news than the Russians did, probably by a factor of a thousand!


The Obama-Hillary-DNC-Media cabal spent well over $2 Billion dollars, probably closer to $4 Billion when all added up, and practically every word uttered by this cabal was a lie. The Cabal worked very hard to divide the nation and sow mistrust between citizens and The System using every trick in the game of Identity Politics. They even had additional help from the GOP Establishment types known as the ′Never-Trumpers′. Guys like George Will, Bill Kristol and the ′Bush Bunch′ became ′unwitting′ collaborators with both The Cabal and the Russians.


Now, none of the 13 Russians and the 3 troll farms are ever going to spend one day in jail, even if tried in absentia. However, some in The Cabal may eventually be indicted for their activities, many of which were illegal. Fusion GPS, hired by a a law firm working on behalf of the Clinton campaign and the DNC, did provide cash to foreign nationals for political dirt, a violation of FEC laws. We also have Cabal operative Robert Kramer, who visited the Obama White House over 300 times during the election season and even met personally with Barack Obama some 20 to 30 times. Kramer confessed during a Project Veritas sting to hiring protesters to cause violence at Trump rallies. That must have broken a law or two!


Then we have the whole can of worms of the Obama administration weaponizing much of the federal government against Candidate, and later, President Donald Trump. FISA surveillance warrants obtained by lying to judges, misrepresenting fictional dossiers as verified intelligence sources, unmasking dozens, if not hundreds of American citizens caught ′incidentally, in NSA intercepts, etc., etc., etc.! We can even toss in obstruction of justice, too, in allowing Hillary Clinton and her old State Department staffers to skate away cleanly from the gross mishandling of classified material. The list of potential indictments is rather long and at least a few people are bound to be convicted by the time this whole affair shakes out.


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