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Bitcoin Alternatives, Investing In Digital, Crypto-Currencies

So if you are like me and missed out on the ground floor of Bitcoin, you might be thinking how do I get into this new world of crypto-currencies? Well, happily there are many Bitcoin alternatives in the ever expanding digital universe of crypto-currencies. You don′t even have to know what a blockchain is or mine for the darn things! Take BitTokens, for example. This currency is being paid out as dividends by the software company, Social Reality. They are selling an app for graphing out blockchains. The company has been around for a few years and their stock is probably a steal at just over $5 a share. There are about 15 or so crypto-currencies currently trading for a $1US or more, and hundreds more at less. One of those which looks interesting is Ripple.




Ripple is a rather different breed of crypto-currency. Most are an attempt to outflank conventional banking transactions. Ripple doesn′t, in fact, its purpose is to conduct international money transactions more efficiently. Currently trading at around $1 a token, Ripple can be had fairly easily. There are 100 Billion in supply, unlike Bitcoin which has only 21 million. Only a year or so ago, Ripple was worth about $0.08 each, so it has begun to move up in the world of digital currency with several trading platforms and markets handling them.


On the other end of the scale, we have Litecoin. With 84 Million in supply, Litecoin was created to correct some of Bitcoin′s short comings. For example, you don′t have the ′mine′ the darn things, saving bandwidth and electricity for us all. Litecoin is currently trading at about $274, so it is pricey. However, there are several advantages in Litecoin over Bitcoin, so its future is bright and shiny. This digital currency could easily soar in the coming months and years to rival Bitcoin. Another similar currency is Dash, trading at $340 a digital coin.


Then we have Ethereum, in two flavors, Regular and Classic. Ethereum Regular has no ′cap′ on its supply whereas Classic does. Both must be ′mined′ as per the concept of a blockchain. That means using a database, submitting tasks grouped in blocks which are linked to form digital chains. You must write a ′dapp′, a progarm using a ′smart contract programming language′. You then install the dapp on a blockchain and away you go! These programming languages are like Javascript. Ethereum uses several, like Solidity, Serpent and LLL, with more options coming. Tasks are competitive, so the ′miner′ who finishes first mines a token. Of course, there are trading exchanges where you can just buy the darn things. Ethereum Regular is trading at about $744 while Ethereum Classic is at $31 each. While Litecoin, Dash and the Ethereum tokens are already well beyond the ′penny stock′ phase, they are well established and have yet to explode, price-wise.


A good website to check out market prices for digital, crypto-currencies is You can monitor at least the top 100 currencies being traded. They offer a good deal of history and other data on each. There are well over a 1,000 such currencies with many more coming and going. This is the wild west in terms of investing, so be prepared for gambling. Don′t bet the farm but if you have a spare bushel or two of corn, then go right ahead and get your feet wet. You never know. The digital, crypto-currency market is the penny stock of the future. In 2009, you could have bought 1,000 Bitcoins for about $3. Today, you would be worth well over $10 Million. Happy speculating!


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