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Book Review, Hacks By Donna Brazile

At long last, here is my book review of ″Hacks″ by Donna Brazile. Published by Hachette Books, it′s subtitle is, ″The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House″. A tad grandiose, in my opinion, but there it is. I have to say that I really wanted to like this book. Especially after some of the early excerpts made headlines. I sort of want to like Donna Brazile. Anyone who can do a tasty fish fry gets at least one star in my list. But, sad to say, I should have expected to be disappointed, and I was.




Donna Brazile is a long-time, Liberal-Progressive Democrat, which means that at her core, she is delusional and dishonest. This becomes very obvious as I started reading the 240 pages of ″Hacks″. To begin with, Donna plays right into the whole Russia thing! She describes how scared and frightened she became after the FBI briefed her about the DNC hacks. I could picture her checking under her bed ever night to see if a Russian bear was lurking about. Fearful that her phones, perhaps her home and office may be bugged. That Russian agents were following her every move. That her very life may be in danger.


Dear Donna, GIVE-ME-A-BREAK!!! For starters, there has yet to be any conclusive proof that Russia was the source for the WikiLeaks and DNCLeaks. Julian Assange has consistently denied it. Given how Barack Obama and his minions, including Hillary Clinton, have politicized and abused the FBI, CIA and the rest of our government agencies, I believe Assange more than I do any of them!


Brazile′s new book, ″Hacks″ does provide us with some facts even scarier than Russian meddlers. Namely how the Hillary Clinton campaign hijacked the Democratic National Committee and corrupted our entire political system. How Robby Mook put one of his hacks, Brandon Davis, inside the DNC to basically be his eyes and ears. Nothing could be done without ′Brandon The Clerk′ okay. We also learn that the DNC has been mismanaged for years, namely by Barack Obama and, later, by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. If anything, when you are talking about ′The Republic′ and our democracy being under threat, these bunch of bozos have done far more damage than Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear or any 10,000 Russians.


Mind you, I grew up during the Cold War. The Soviet Union was most definitely the ′Evil Empire′. They murdered millions and enslaved millions more. An acquaintance of mine once worked on Level 6 at SAC Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. Level 6 was where the U.S. Air Force had their ′Big Board′, the global map showing the status of the world′s military might. My acquaintance had once related how Omaha had more Soviet spies about than even Washington, DC. Equally so, there were even more U.S. counter-espionage agents making sure that the Ruskies were kept in check.


Between the crop of idiots running the DNC, their allies in ′The Media′, and, yes, even the morons of the GOP Establishment, the American nation is in peril. Which makes me laugh when I read how Donna Brazile was praying and hoping for Hillary Clinton to win the election, because Donna just knew that Hillary was strong and capable enough to confront Vladimir Putin. That Hillary had the international know-how to save us all. I repeat, Dear Donna, GIVE-ME-A-BREAK!!!


Earth calling Donna Brazile! Ever hear of Uranium One? Hillary Clinton is in Vladimir Putin′s hip pocket. Talk about somebody vulnerable to blackmail, I have no doubt that Putin has ′The Goods′ on both Bill and Hillary Clinton. Far more so than anything on President Donald Trump. For goodness sakes! Bill Clinton may have actually been the ′Manchurian Candidate′! Why would a college kid from Arkansas spend his Christmas vacation in Moscow? No babes in bikinis there. Though I′m sure the KGB could arrange for some prostitutes for Bill. By the way, after logging some 1 Million miles in her travels across the globe, name me one new treaty or worthwhile agreement developed by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton? Answer, ZERO! She was pretty much on vacation, on a 4-year world cruise.


Perhaps the redeeming value of Donna Brazile′s new book, ″Hacks″, is that it confirms what we learned from an earlier book, ″Shattered″, by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes. Hillary Clinton was a dreadful candidate. Her campaign organization was bloated and run by a bunch of idiots focused on data and not human beings. On top of that, Brazile gives us a peak at more signs of corruption and potential criminal behavior, adding to what we learned from Peter Schweizer′s book, ″Clinton Cash″.


Donna Brazile is delusional and dishonest. For all of her fear and concern about Russians hacking the DNC computer system, why, I ask, did she not allow the FBI to have access to the DNC servers? If she really thought that the election was being stolen, and our democracy in peril, it would seem logical to let the FBI detail the evidence of the hacks for use to arrest and convict. Or, at the very least, to help prevent future cyber-attacks. But, NO! Donna Brazile was just as incompetent and corrupt as Hillary, Debbie and Obama. They did not want the DNC′s files to be looked at out of fear that the REAL TRUTH might be leaked.


As a Liberal-Progressive Democrat, Donna Brazile dislikes, perhaps even hates, President Donald Trump. She makes that very clear in her book, ″Hacks″. Yet, even with all of her excuses and slant on how events went down, she actually confirms what Candidate Trump was saying in his stump speeches. That our politicians are all a bunch of idiots. That they are mishandling our nation. That those in ′The Media′ are complicit in protecting the idiotic politicians as they ruin America. The politicians cannot even run their own political parties properly, let alone a nation of 330 million or so citizens. It doesn′t matter if they are Democrats or Republicans. A pox on all of them!


Read the book yourself and draw your own conclusions. I went a bit long on this book review of ″Hacks″ by Donna Brazile. But I feel it is necessary. America is $20 Trillion dollars in debt because the nation is being run by a bunch of moronic dinosaurs. Hillary Clinton lost because she is a corrupt, lying idiot. President Donald Trump won because the citizens of our country are waking up to the realization that we are being misled and poorly served by fools. Not just by insane or idiotic politicians, but also by the Fake News and Entertainment Media and our failing education system. Combined, they are doing far more damage to our Republic, to our Democracy, than the Russians, China, North Korea, Iran, and ISIS combined! Sadly, there is no quick fix. It will take time and many elections to root out and replace these jackals. Stay informed and prepare for a long fight. Or, as Winston Churchill would say, ″K-B-O, Keep Buggering On!″


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