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Brian Ross Bungles Michael Flynn Guilty Plea Story

Talk about journalistic malpractice! ABC News should suspend reporter Brian Ross for the fake news story he ginned up yesterday. Ross literally caused a one-man stock market crash. Within 30 minutes after he falsely reported that Michael Flynn would plead guilty to a minor charge in exchange for testifying against ″candidate″ Donald Trump, the Dow Jones sank about 350 points! Immediately, CNN, MSNBC and other news outlets repeated the erroneous story from Ross. Over at ABC, Joy Behar practically had an orgasm during ″The View″ when she read the ′breaking news′ flash. The entire Fake News Media industry danced as they thought that President Donald Trump would soon be impeached, perhaps even arrested and indicted for collusion with the Russians.




However, that was not to be. Brian Ross was dead wrong! It took a couple of hours before ABC News ′corrected′ the story, but Fox News told the truth first. The stock markets steadily recovered, ending the day only down by about 40 points. Michael Flynn did plead guilty to a charge of lying to FBI investigators, but this was in connection to phone calls he made to the Russian ambassador late last December. Well AFTER President-Elect Donald Trump had won the election. Fox News also reported the truth, unlike Brian Ross, that Flynn was ordered to call the Russian ambassador, as well as other foreign officials, not by Trump himself, but by a senior member of the transition team. Most likely Jared Kushner.


By Friday evening, Brian Ross gave the excuse that his source for the original story had corrected him on the time line, that Flynn was ordered to make the phone calls in late December, 2016. This is significant as such phone calls would be expected by transition team personnel. Also significant is the fact that the alleged ′crime′ that Flynn pleaded guilty to was a ′process crime′. The act of making the phone calls, even the subject matter of the calls, were all perfectly legal. Former FBI Director James Comey had even testified before Congress that his investigators considered the ′lies′ told to them by Flynn to be just mistakes, errors in memory, and not a deliberate attempt to mislead them.


So, here we are now, with about two years of wiretaps and investigations into the Trump-Russia collusion myth and still nothing to show for it. Robert Mueller′s probe has turned up nothing but either minor infractions or unrelated charges. Even President Trump′s alleged pressuring of Comey last Valentines Day to let Flynn off the hook appears more justified. Michael Flynn did not do anything really wrong and does not deserve to have his life ruined. Even the allegations about his alleged activities with the government of Turkey appear to lack any serious evidence to be used in a court of law.


The howling by the Fake News Media over how the Trump Team violated the ′Logan Act′ is rather ridiculous. There has never been a single conviction of anyone ever violating it and the last time the federal government tried to convict somebody was in 1852. I don′t care how good Robert Mueller thinks he is as a prosecutor, that stream is one which he will never swim up. The Media are complete fools for even considering such as credible. ABC News and Brian Ross owe the American People an apology. They caused millions to suffer losses in their investments and retirement accounts. This whole Russian collusion story has become much like the old ″War of the Worlds″ broadcast by Orson Welles in 1938. It is fiction, pure and simple, but is having a harmful effect on the general public.


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