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Buh Bye, Al Franken To Resign From Senate

Minnesota Senator Al Franken is expected to announce today that he is resigning from the U.S. Senate. His resignation may take effect immediately, though I suspect he might stick around till the Washington shuts down for the holidays. The decision comes as more women are alleging that Franken groped or tried to kiss them against their wishes. Over the past 48 hours, about 3 dozen fellow Democratic Party senators, including 14 of the 16 women serving in the Senate, are calling of r Franken to resign. Even Senate Minority Leader, Chuck Schumer, wants Franken gone. This comes after Rep. John Conyers (D-MI), resigned on Monday following allegations of sexual harassment against him.




Let us face facts, Al Franken had no business being a U.S. Senator in the first place. He originally won his seat only by about some 200 votes, despite several thousand votes for him being questionable. But, given that most districts in Minnesota are run by Democrats and most judges there are also Democrats, any justice for an accurate vote recount is next to impossible. So Franken got his toe in the door and until recently, there was even talk of him running for president in 2020.


Likewise, John Conyers also got caught up in the #MeToo craze. Especially after it was learned that he used his office funds to pay some $27,000 to compensate one of the women accusing him of alleged sexual harassment. Conyers, 88, had been in Congress for more than 50 years representing the Detroit area. Nancy Pelosi called him an ″Icon″ of the House. The Congressional Black Caucus, which Conyers helped create, tried their best to defend him. But as more women came forward, Conyers decided to quit. He is supporting one of his sons to take his seat, but some old allegations about domestic abuse have surfaced. Given the state of politics these days, it may be that the days of heredity are coming to an end.


So long Al Franken! Don′t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave! Franken was a nitwit in the Senate, doing nothing of value at all. Even his snarky questioning during committee hearings stunk. Nobody will miss him. In fact, it could be that his staff and others working in the Senate will be very happy. Franken had a reputation as being very demanding and rather nasty to ordinary workers. I′m sure the women will be happy as they will be spared from his groping ways.


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