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Bump Stock Ban Proposed

In the wake of the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, President Donald Trump is inclined to push for some new gun control laws. He may be able to accomplish where other politicians have failed. Banning the sale of bump stocks and other rapid-fire trigger devices is clearly on the table. As are changes to the background check system, specifically for inter-agency sharing of data. We have seen many times where people who should not have passed such a check have done so because one government entity failed to update files. President Trump has also already addressed reviewing mental health issues, which clearly, in the Parkland case, failed miserably.




One reason why President Trump may succeed is because he will not take an extremist view, such as banning the sale of all semi-automatic rifles designed with a pistol grip and a bayonet lug. What many in The Media and gun control crowd call ′assault rifles′. We′ve tried that before and it made little difference in stopping gun violence. Indeed, most communities with very strict gun laws are more likely to have such violence. Chicago is a prime example of this.


An armed citizenry is a fundamental right, protected by the Second Amendment. The right to own and carry arms is not for just hunting or sport/target shooting, but for self-defense. Not only defending oneself from individual criminals, but from a tyrannical government. Whether it be a foreign invader or our own government turned wild, the threat is the same.


One of the early drafts of the Bill of Rights, written by Connecticut Congressman Roger Sherman, had gun ownership as the First Amendment, with freedom of speech and assembly as the 2nd. Democracy is about self-governing, and a free people can only do that if they can defend themselves from tyranny. Modern day Liberals would argue that this notion is silly as it stands today. However, there are countless examples of our government abusing its power regularly. Just look at how a handful of dolts from the FBI and DOJ tried to frame a presidential candidate for a crime which never occurred, and usurp an entire election.


Tyranny is always lurking around the corner. That is just a fact of life. The Democratic Party has devolved over the decades into a political party devoted to tyranny. Their whole political philosophy is based upon the concept that ′The State′ knows better than you. That you must be governed because you cannot be trusted to govern yourself. True, there are some people who cannot be trusted. In the past, society dealt with them more effectively, through imprisonment, mental institutions, and other means.


The national background check system does need improvement. To say that it doesn′t is just plain unrealistic. I have confidence that whatever President Donald Trump comes up with will be rational and workable, without infringing on our Second Amendment rights. As for bump stocks and other rapid-fire, after-market devices, my own personal viewpoint is that they are more for show than for improving marksmanship. For the most part, such devices only waste ammunition. Anyone who has studied military history knows that small arms fire accounts for a very low percentage of casualties in war. A sniper, skilled at putting a single shot where needed, is far more effective than a large group of soldiers firing in a ′spray and pray′ fashion.


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