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CBC Wins For Best Coverage Of Royal Wedding

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation wins the day for the best royal wedding day coverage! Hats off to the CBC whose pre-wedding programming blew away the competition, including the BBC. I suppose one could say this might have been expected, given the the train of Meghan Markle′s wedding dress was sported by the twin grandsons of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. His daughter even rode with her sons in the same car as Meghan Markle to St. George′s Chapel. The CBC kept the nonsense to a minimum and provided much historical and other insights into the event.




Prior to the church ceremony, I dialed about to see how other networks were handling the affair. CNN earned the raspberries for the worst coverage. Of course they simply had to make a big issue when Princess Michael arrived and brought up the whole ′Black Sambo Broach′ business. While I did not watch CNN much, I am guessing that Anderson Cooper probably pondered whether or not Prince Harry would wear a condom tonight, since that it what is always on the mind of Mr. Porn News. I could barely watch any of the coverage at Fox News due to the hideous Shep Smith being a host.


Whenever it comes to anything British or Royal, you can always count on the CBC to provide excellent news coverage. Canada is part of The Dominion, after all. They did a splendid job at the wedding for Prince William, as well as their coverage of the funeral for Princess Diana. For the Canadians, this is all serious business, a matter of cultural pride. The American news networks, even the BBC, seemed rather too preoccupied other aspects. Not the least of which was the arrival of wedding guests, George and Amal Clooney.


The moment where the CBC showed some real class, far and above the other news networks, was their commentary when the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, arrived. She came alone and made the long walk to the chapel in a most gracious fashion. Having been excluded from Prince William′s marriage to Kate Middleton, this was undoubtedly a treat for the beloved ′Fergie′. The CBC pointed out her close relationship with Prince Harry, and while she was excluded from the evening wedding party, the invitation to the church to witness the actual wedding must have warmed her heart greatly.


So, once again, the CBC News demonstrated some real journalism and a professional, sober coverage of a decidedly British spectacle. I probably should point out that my father was born in Canada and later became a naturalized, U.S. citizen, the legal way. So I may some what biased. True, the CBC News does lean Left, as do most network news teams. But, today, we got a very straight forward viewpoint of the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the new Duchess of Sussex. Congratulations to them and may they be happy in their labors! Which, I suspect, is coming very, VERY soon! Wink-wink, hint-hint, know what I mean?


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