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Christopher Wray Dodges Questions On FBI Bias

FBI Director Christopher Wray offered few answers when appearing before the House Judiciary Committee yesterday. He was questioned heavily by Republican law makers on the level of partisan bias inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Most notably were questions pertaining to Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who was a lead investigator in not only the Hillary Clinton email scandal, but also in the phony Russian ′Trump dossier′ and in the probe headed by Robert Mueller. Among the questions which Wray dodged was one about whether or not it was Strzok who used the phony dossier to obtain a surveillance warrant from the FISA Court? Wray said repeatedly that he could not respond to such a question due to ongoing investigations.




Wray tried to blunt criticism of the FBI by praising its some 35,000 employees, about 8,000 of which are field agents. He tried his best to deflect with concerns about the 1,000 ongoing ISIS investigations in all 50 states. But the GOP members of Congress wanted to stay focused on the mess left by James Comey and Strzok. Wray was asked about how Strzok may have changed the wording of Comey′s memo to clear Hillary Clinton of any wrong doing. If there was any real difference between ″extreme carelessness″ and ″gross mishandling″? Wray said that he did not think there was much difference, but declined to go any further in how the email probe ended.


Members also questioned Wray about how Hillary Clinton and her staff received ″special treatment″ from Comey and others at the FBI. Why Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin managed to lie to FBI agents about their lack of knowledge about Hillary′s private email server and avoid prosecution? Much as we saw where Michael Flynn was forced into a guilty plea deal over similar lies. Of course, nobody will ever know for sure if Hillary Clinton lied to the FBI when she was ′interviewed′ by them, because no recordings or transcripts were made. But, we DO KNOW that she most certainly lied to Congress while under oath, which is an even worse felony.


The Department of Justice needs to clean things up at the FBI, and in their own house, too! Starting with all of the political bias of Robert Mueller and his team, all of which are tainted. Mueller should have declined the job just based on his close association with James Comey, as well as having met with President Donald Trump the day before to discuss returning as FBI Director. Most of his team were donors to Hillary and or Obama. Another high-ranking DOJ official was demoted the other day for not telling his superiors that he had met with former British MI6 agent Christopher Steele and an executive from Fusion GPS about the phony Russian Trump dossier.


Christopher Wray gave few answers to members of the House Judiciary Committee. He defended the FBI, a task he needed to do as its new director. But Wray must have left the hearing knowing that he has to seriously start cleaning up the mess James Comey left the FBI in. Their integrity must be restored, and that starts with rooted out all those who had allowed their political, partisan bias interfere with their jobs.


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