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CNN Backlash From Scripted Townhall

Surviving a school mass shooting, and helping to save the lives of other students, is not enough for Colton Haab. Now he has CNN calling him a liar! Haab, 17, was a Junior at the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School in Parkland, Florida. He was also a member of the ROTC program, too! When Nikolas Cruz began his mass shooting spree, Haab helped lead around 60 to 70 other students into a room where some kevlar sheets were stored for the ROTC marksmanship training. Once in the room, Haab helped hang the kevlar sheets about the door to protect his fellow students. Some might call him a hero. But CNN is calling him a liar!

UPDATE NOTE 3/5/2018:  Recent statements from Colton Haab's father now question what was said during the exchange of emails between the CNN producer and the Haabs.  So, it would be fair to say that there is no proof of any 'scripting' by CNN.  That being said, it is still my personal opinion that the townhall was 'staged' to be an attack on the Second Amendment and on the NRA.




Why? Haab was invited to the CNN townhall show hosted by Jake Tapper. Some 5,000 people attended to hear anti-gun questions put towards Senator Marco Rubio, NRA spokes person Dana Loesch and others. Colton Haab says that he originally agreed to appear to ask a question about having armed veterans on the school grounds to protect students. However, a CNN producer wanted him to ask another question, scripted for him by CNN. Haab decided not to attend because of this.


CNN denies the claim by Haab about being forced to ask a scripted question. By the mere virtue of the denial, CNN is basically calling Colton Haab a liar. Now I ask you, whom do you believe is lying? CNN or Colton Haab? Given the track record of CNN, I think the answer is obvious. Once again, CNN is lying, manufacturing fake news!


You gotta admit that CNN are ′brassy, bold creatures′ for doing this. To try and belittle a 17 year-old hero just to pretend that they are not part of the Fake News Media? Seriously? CNN is nothing more than a network of liars. Everyday they lie about President Donald Trump and how he was allegedly colluding with the Russian government during the 2016 campaign. Even when there is some other major news event, like a hurricane or mass shooting, they still keep going back to the Trump-Russia collusion story. After some 16 months of investigation by the FBI and others, not one shred of evidence has been developed or reveals to support this lie. Yet, CNN is still pushing that fake news story.


The townhall on the Parkland shooting was no different. It was a staged event, scripted by CNN for one purpose. To attack the NRA, the National Rifle Association, and anyone else who supports the Second Amendment. CNN would like nothing better than for there to be total gun confiscation in America. Then, they can fill their 24/7 news cycle with countless stories of crime victims as only criminals will have guns. Of course, the criminals doing the raping and murdering are just victims themselves in the CNN universe. Victims of 300 years of White Man oppression on the ancestors of slaves and immigrants.


It really is just too much at times! The blatant overreach by CNN and their fellow travelers in the Fake News Media. But there it is, plain and simple. CNN would rather call a 17 year old hero a liar than admit that they are the real liars. Even though their many lies are well documented. A large slice of the country is stupid or demented enough to believe the lies of CNN. Maybe instead of background checks for owning a gun, we should have such checks for being allowed to vote or practice journalism? Of course, Robert A. Heinlein had the solution for that in his novel, ″Starship Troopers″. Federal service guarantees citizenship!


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