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CNN Hijacked My Computer

This morning I was going through my usual machinations on the Internet. After first managing the activities of the Xontar Empire, of which I am the Emperor of on Astro Empires, I wandered over to Drudge Report. I was wondering what news stories looked good for me to blog about. I came across an item about how some are considering changes to the White House Correspondents Association dinner. I clicked on the link, which took me to the CNN website. I should have known at that moment that I was in for a bumpy ride!




So I get to the page and read most of the article. A video file from some TV show, I′m guessing ″Reliable Sources″, starts playing. The article was banal and offered little real news so I clicked on the Firefox ′back′ button to return to Drudge Report. But, instead, I was redirected to some full-page ad featuring Anderson Cooper, whom apparently wants to give me 5 reasons why I should trust CNN. All the while, the video was still playing, though all I could get was the audio from it.


Frankly, I wouldn′t trust Anderson Cooper if he said he had just one, good reason for trusting CNN! So now I get serious! I clicked to close the tab and vanquish the whole web browser. But nothing is happening. Anderson Cooper still wants to tell me 5 reasons why I should trust CNN. The stupid audio from the video is also still playing. I lose all patience! I open my Windows Task Manager and proceed to close Firefox the hard way. Finally, Anderson Cooper goes away!


Adware is always an annoyance on the Internet. The worst are those ones which start opening dozens of browsers to some stupid website for porn or a web virus cleaner. These are more often found on rather shady, despicable websites you are lured to by some email or other devious means. CNN must be pretty hard up to engage in this vile practice. I suppose it is bad times over there, given how their efforts in fake news are failing dramatically. Donald Trump is not only still President of the United States of America, but is actually doing a rather fine of it! Depending on how this North Korea thing works out, he may even win the Nobel Peace Prize, one which he actually earned, unlike Barack Obama who got his like a participation trophy.


I hope CNN is proud that they hijacked my computer for a couple of minutes today. Believe me, I will never ever visit their website again! We can add this to the ever growing list of reasons why NOT to trust CNN!


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