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CNN Jake Tapper Unfit For Journalism

The interview was absolutely shameless! CNN host Jake Tapper had invited Stephen Miller on ″State of the Union″ Sunday under false pretenses. Miller, a White House staff member, had been invited by the show′s producers to talk about the accomplishments of President Donald Trump. Specifically the tax cut bill and pending legislation to come. Instead, Jake Tapper intended to trick Miller and ambush him with questions raised from ″Fire and Fury″, a book of gossip and lies by Michael Wolff. When Miller wouldn′t take the bait, Tapper became angry and arrogant. When Miller counter-punched about the non-stop, anti-Trump bias on CNN, Tapper lost all control and abruptly ended the segment.




If that was not bad enough, CNN leaked what happened after the show went to commercials. They even spread a lie about how Miller had to be escorted out of the building. Jake Tapper acted like a very unstable person. Certainly not as an objective journalist. At the very least, Tapper showed how petty and foul he was by his whole tone and temperament. Tapper demonstrated all of the signs of an ignorant person bent on promoting lies and his own agenda. At worst, Tapper showed signs that he may be mentally unstable, perhaps even insane!


Time for a reality check. Journalism is not exactly rocket science. Those who study it in college generally have poor math skills and usually low SAT and ACT scores. Journalism is a skate program for dummies! Most journalism professors are not much smarter than the ignorant students they teach. Which is why they cling to the false notions that Liberalism and Socialism are the superior path to human happiness. Concepts like individual achievement are completely beyond their grasp. They prefer a rigged society run by an elitist, central government which suppresses individuals from being unique and or successful. As journalists, they strive to be the instruments of doom against liberty.


Jake Tapper is not alone in his pit of hate. He has considerable company from his colleagues at CNN and other news outlets. From time to time, we do have journalists who rise above the slime. They conduct themselves in a fair and balanced way, allowing those they report on to have their say. Such rational, objective journalism will produce an honest presentation of the facts. If the subject is dishonest, or plain crazy, it will become all too clear to the news consumer. We see just this sort of approach almost on a daily basis practiced by Tucker Carlson of Fox News. He has the nuttiest guests on and allows them to make fools of themselves.


But that is not the way which Jake Tapper, nor the rest of the gang at CNN, operate. Tune in at any moment of the day, 24/7, and what you will see is non-stop bashing of President Donald Trump. They avoid any discussion about his policies or agenda, as those are working out rather well. Instead, CNN, and the rest of the Fake News Media, spend all of their time hashing and rehashing every lunatic theory they can scrape off the pavement.


I admit, I tune into CNN or MSNBC now and then for a few seconds just to see what they are talking about. So far, I have yet to be surprised by them actually doing some real journalism, except when there is some event like a hurricane or an earthquake. Even then, sooner or later, some guest commentator will try blaming the event of President Trump. Like disapproving of the way he hands out paper towels to storm victims. Oh well, what do you expect? As I said earlier, most journalists are dummies to begin with.


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