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College Snowflakes Comforted By Care Bears, Llamas

Move over ′Therapy Puppies′! Stressed out college students now have other options for dealing with term paper deadlines and final exams. At the University of Massachusetts Amherst, campus Snowflakes have Care Bear posters to help them stay calm. Not to be out done, UC Berkeley has ′Therapy Llamas′ for hysterical Snowflakes to pet their way back to good spirits. Still, there are many colleges with problems causing students to flip out. Loyola University in Chicago, a Catholic college, has many Muslim students upset due to the whole ′Christmas thing′! Christmas is also causing trouble at Boston University where a theater professor has proclaimed that the song, ″Jingle Bells″ is racist! Across ′The Pond′, the University College of London had to issue an apology after tweeting out a weather report on Twitter wishing all students to have a ″white campus″ after some snow fell.




Yes, college-aged Millennials, also known as ′Snowflakes′, have much to be in angst over. With their parents, or taxpayers, shelling out upwards of $40,000 or more to send them to college to get an education, all of that class work is interfering with Social Justice protesting. Not to mention beer pong and taking selfies. No wonder they feel all stressed out when faced with writing term papers and exams! Or when confronted by racist Christmas music or other related themes.


These ′Snowflakes′ are having an impact on society. Recently, the Dallas police chief, Renee Hall, waxed in disgust how difficult it has been to recruit Millennials to join the police department. Seems that the Snowflakes do not want to work evenings, nights, on weekends or holidays. Plus, they want to be promoted to chief within 6 months! With demands like that, who needs them?


Not all Millennials are bad. Plenty from ′Red States′ still volunteer regularly to join the U.S. military. Others actually want to work in the ′Real World′, where productivity is expected. However, several polls in the past couple of years do show that an overwhelming percentage of Millennials prefer Socialism as an economic model. Concepts like ′Work′ and ′Labor′ are evil, especially when profit and wages are involved. I suppose Corporate America will soon adopt therapy puppies and llamas to help their younger employees get through the work week.


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