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Comey, McCabe FBI Text Messages Now Missing

Just what the hell is going on at the FBI? No sooner than the alleged missing FBI text messages of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are magically recovered in 30 minutes, we now learn that the texts of James Comey and Andrew McCabe are missing! Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton shared this gem of news last night on the Fox News show, ″Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro″. A court order stemming from a lawsuit Judicial Watch launched against the FBI on behalf of a former supervisor has yet to be fulfilled. The judge presiding over the case issued the court order to the FBI to turn over documents last September. The FBI has provided some of the requested documents, but the text messages of former Director James Comey Jr and current Deputy Director Andrew McCabe are apparently missing. So says the FBI. They cannot find them!




Can you believe this shit? Sorry for the language but this is getting pretty ridiculous! How many times is the FBI going to use that excuse?  Just last week an assistant deputy director claimed that they could not find 5 months worth of text messages by Special Agent Strzok and Legal Counsel Page. Then, apparently by magic, the DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz locates them within 30 minutes! So now, here we go again with yet another claim of missing text messages from the FBI. Whose kidding whom?


Yes, we see this sort of thing often, especially during the Barack Obama administration. The IRS lost the emails of Lois Lerner. The State Department lost the emails of Hillary Clinton. The Justice Department lost files on the ′Fast & Furious′ gun-walking program. The State Department lost telegrams, emails and other documents connected with the Benghazi attack. On and on it goes. But, groups like Judicial Watch, armed with FOIA requests, seem to turn them up after being stalled for 6 to 12 months or so.


This would make a good comedy if not for the fact that our liberty is at stake. This does boil down to the question of whether we can still govern ourselves or has ′The Swamp′, the ′Deep State′ of career politicians and bureaucrats inside the Beltway have accumulated too much power. Unraveling and exposing these characters for the frauds and threats that they are is a major reason that President Donald Trump was elected.


So, it seems that the management of the FBI and other government institutions think that they are above the law, beyond the Constitution. Thankfully, the layers of this rotten onion are being peeled back one at a time by those who seek to restore and preserve our liberty. I have no doubt that the text messages and other documents of James Comey and Andrew McCabe will eventually be found and brought to light. I look forward to the day when federal marshals start hauling these crooks away in handcuffs. Then, I might make a trek to the grave of Daniel Webster. When his ghost bellows out the question, ″Neighbor, how stands the Republic?″, I can shout back, ″Friend, the Republic stands tall and strong!″


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