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Comey Memos Released, McCabe Referral, Too

Yesterday was yet another ′Big News′ day! The FBI and DOJ finally released the 7 James Comey memos to Congress. A redacted version was ′leaked′ to the Associated Press and went public. We also had the DOJ Inspector General forward a criminal referral on Andrew McCabe. This about one week after the IG report confirming his alleged ′lack of candor′ about leaking material to the press. Next, we had Rod Rosenstein informing the President that he is not a target of either the Russia nor the Cohen probes. Then, we have President Donald Trump adding none other than Rudy Giuliani to his personal legal team. Rudy to the rescue! His main job may be convincing Robert Mueller that it is time to wrap up his probe which, so far, is really going nowhere as far as the so-called ′Russian Collusion′ fable.




Comey′ memos show several things. Perhaps the most important is that President Trump wanted the Russia investigation to go as far as needed, even if it meant that some around him might be implicated. The President always denied any involvement, as well as denying the allegations in the Christopher Steele document. Comey recorded that President Trump was reminded by his staff that he never spent the night in Moscow as alleged. He had flown away after the beauty pageant with just a quick stop at the hotel to refresh himself.


The memos also show what a liar and weasel James Comey is. He told the President that he was not a leaker. Comey also said that he would be loyal. Wrong on both counts! But another major fact gleaned from these memos that there was never any reason to charge a special counsel to investigate the election. The past year and change has been not only a complete wasre of time, money and resources, but also has done extraordinary harm to the nation on many levels. In addition to the 5 federal felonies the House Republicans want James Comey investigated for, maybe they should sedition, too!


Perhaps Rudy Giuliani will make Robert Mueller see reason, now that the cats are coming out of the bag? Next month is when the Big Cat is let loose when the DOJ Inspector General releases his report about the Hillary Clinton email probe. If, by that time, Mueller is still trying to spin gold from straw, whatever little credibility he had will evaporate. I think it is safe to say that the criminal referral on Andrew McCabe by Michael Horowitz is just the beginning. Other referrals will follow.


Democrats and their allies in the Fake News Media are still trying to deflect from the ever growing reality. They have been backing the wrong horses from Day One. Perhaps some day in the future, historians will expose the true purpose of the deliberate attempts to overturn the election results of 2016. Many of us already know the answer. Liberals lie! They lie to the American people, they even lie to themselves. Their whole political position is based on lies. In the end, all they will have left are a huge pile of lies.


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