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Congress Sends Referral To Probe FBI, DOJ, Clinton Crimes

11 members of the Republican House Conservative caucus have sent a letter of referral that multiple criminal probes be launched on officials of the FBI, DOJ, Hillary Clinton and others. Rep. Trey Dowdy, the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, has also issued a similar demand to the Department of Justice. A litany of specific, potential criminal violations were listed. Those to be investigated include James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton. There is growing frustration over the apparent bias on how this group have not been properly investigated while the FBI and DOJ are overstepping the boundaries of The Law when it comes to investigating President Donald Trump and his current and former associates.




This is not exactly breaking news! We have been seeing this bias and lack of interest for nearly two years, now. We all know that the Hillary Clinton email scandal was deliberately botched. President Trump, the White House and the Trump organization have, to date, turned over some 1.4 million pages of documents to the various investigators looking into the Russia meddling in 2016, as well as other matters. Meanwhile, the FBI and DOJ have ′slow-walked′ only some 3,700 pages of documents out of about 1.3 million requested by Congressional committees.


All during the 8 years of the Barack Obama administration, the FBI and DOJ stonewalled Congress when it came to fulfilling document requests. There was little, if any transparency. Former Attorney General Eric Holder became the first AG to be cited with contempt by Congress for his part in not fulfilling Congressional document requests. There seems little doubt that there are many skeletons in the closet which former Obama-appointed officials, many of whom are still in the FBI and DOJ, as well as other agencies and departments, may be trying to cover up some major crimes and scandals.


I am not going to hold my breath as to when, if ever at all, these issues are resolved. There may be some progress as we now hear that the DOJ Inspector General will finally release the long awaited report about the mishandling of the Hillary Clinton probe this coming May. I suspect that this report was probably ready for release quite some time ago and the Deep State forces within the FBI and DOJ have been trying to delay the report. While the FBI and DOJ fall under the Executive Branch, with Congressional oversight, they have gone rather rogue under Obama. Bringing them back into line is absolutely crucial to restoring the Rule of Law and the U.S. Constitution.


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