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Congress To Grill Peter Strzok

by Andrew Zarowny 6/27/2018


Notorious FBI texter and Trump hater, Peter Strzok, will testify today at a House committee hearing. Unfortunately, it will be a closed door hearing, so, we, The People, will not be able to watch. The hearing begins at 10am EDT and is expected to go on for most of the day. Topics to be raised will include Strzok′s actions in both the Hillary Clinton email probe, and the Trump-Russia witch hunt. Strzok had been demoted last year from his job as top FBI counter-intelligence agent to a post in Human Resources. He was recently escorted out of the FBI headquarters and has finally had his security clearances revoked. While still an FBI employee, Strzok is facing an internal investigation by the FBI and Department of Justice.




Peter Strzok has plenty to answer for. He was the top FBI agent working on both the Hillary Clinton and Russia Collusion cases. Strzok even questioned Hillary during the FBI interview on July 2, 2016. He helped edit the James Comey exoneration of Hillary July 5th. He later withheld information about the Anthony Weiner-Huma Abedin laptop computer from Comey for about a month till late October, 2016. Earlier than that, he exchanged text messages with his mistress lover, FBI lawyer Lisa Page, about an ″insurance plan″ to stop Candidate Donald Trump from becoming our 45th President.


We also know that Strzok had interactions with former MI6 officer, Christopher Steele, who compiled the ″dirty dossier″, which led to obtaining FISA court warrants to conduct surveillance on Trump campaign workers. At nearly every turn and event between 2015 and 2017 concerning the 2016 elections, Peter Strzok was in the middle of the action. From his text messages with lawyer Page, we know of his disdain for Donald Trump and his supporters. So how far did his personal feelings interfere with justice being done?


While the DOJ Inspector General report on the Clinton email probe claims no political bias influenced decisions by the FBI and DOJ in the July, 2016 exoneration, Michael Horowitz, under oath before Congress, did admit that there may have been some bias in Strzok′s decision to delay action on the Weiner-Abedin laptop. Many classified emails and documents were found on that laptop, which had been seized as part of the criminal probe on Weiner for trying to solicit sex from a minor. Strzok knew in September of 2016 that the laptop computer shared by both Weiner and Abedin, who were married and living together at the time, contained classified material as a result of Abedin′s work with Hillary Clinton.


Today′s Congressional committee hearing will question Peter Strzok behind closed doors. Some details may leak out and there is already talk of another session later which will be public. There is little doubt that Strzok, and many others, went extremely easy on Hillary Clinton. Had anybody else mishandled as many classified documents as she did, they would spend the rest of their life in prison. There also seems to be little doubt that Strzok played a key role in the efforts to entrap President Donald Trump in a phoney collusion charge with the Russian government.


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