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Cowards Of Broward County Sheriff Exposed

Now we know why Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel likes to be photographed with Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. He is as big a liar as they are! Bad enough that we learned one deputy assigned to protect the Marjory Stoneman Douglass High School shirked his duty and refused to help helpless children. Now we discover that 3 more deputies also hid behind their car while students were in peril. That it was the Coral Springs Police who first bravely entered Building 12 to engage an active shooter. The Pompano Beach Police were the ones who actually arrested the shooter. All Sheriff Israel and his men did was try to suck up the glory.




While Sheriff Israel bashed the National Rifle Association, trying to blame the NRA for the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, the reality is that his poor leadership is exactly why we need the Second Amendment. Even in the best cases, it takes on an average some 8 minutes for police to arrive at a crime scene. By then, the crime is usually done and criminals fled. The NRA did not visit the residencies of Nikolas Cruz 23 times in the past 3 years. Nor does the NRA have the authority to force a psychiatric evaluation of a potential madman and remove any weapons from his premises. Sheriff Israel had such authority and failed to act.


I can only hope that the voters of Broward County act on the next election and toss Sheriff Israel out of office. Or better yet, start protesting outside his offices for him to resign immediately. The students should be doing that instead of blaming the NRA or President Donald Trump for the shooting. The depths of shame the Broward County Sheriff Department should be feeling right now knows no bounds. Bad enough that they failed to protect their community before Nikolas Cruz went on his shooting rampage, despite having a history of his violent behavior well known to them. But to just stand by and cower while defenseless students are being slaughtered is a whole other level of shame.


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