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CPAC 2018 Starts Today

CPAC 2018 starts today at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. The 3-day event is sponsored by the American Conservative Union. President Donald Trump will appear in person for a speech on Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference at 10:05am, Eastern. Vice President Mike Pence will speak this morning at 10:35am. Friday night at 7pm is the Ronald Reagan Dinner and Saturday at 3:15pm is the CPAC Straw Poll. For a full schedule of speakers and events, visit the website.




These are good times for Conservatives! President Trump has fulfilled many of his campaign promises. Regulations have been slashed. Taxes reduced. The Obamacare Mandate is toast. Neil Gorsuch is now a Supreme Court Justice. Many other Conservatives have been appointed to the federal courts, more than any other president in a single year. The economy is roaring back as wages and job creation increases. Both large corporations and small businesses are expanding, reinvesting in America. On the world stage, ISIS is on the run. Russia and China are being challenged. More sanctions have been placed upon Iran and North Korea. And we will soon have an embassy in Jerusalem!


Sure, there is still much work to do. The rest of Obamacare needs to be eliminated. Our borders must be secured with more boots on the ground and a physical barrier. Other remnants of the Obama legacy must be dealt with, such as the Dodd-Frank Act. But, despite a slim margin in the Senate and the harassment by The Media and the Russia Probe, the Trump administration is getting things done.


So, I look forward to a very optimistic CPAC 2018 gathering this year. There will be plenty of red meat and rejoicing by attendees. The successes by President Donald Trump have indeed lifted our national spirit. The days of the ′New Normal′ have been replaced by ′America First′. And we have barely begun our second year of the Trump administration!


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