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Creepy Al Franken Groping Photo

Eww! Creepy!!! In case you missed it, below is the Al Franken groping photo. Taken during a return flight from a USO tour in Afghanistan in 2006, Franken appears to be groping Leeann Tweeden while she was asleep on board the Air Force C-17. A Los Angelese area TV and radio personality, Tweeden went public yesterday accusing Al Franken of inappropriate behavior during the trip to Afghanistan. At one point, he wanted to ′rehearse′ a kissing scene from a ′skit′, even though it was not part of the actual routine. After allegedly badgering her, she finally relented. Tweeden alleges that Franken grabbed the back of her head and forced a full kiss with his ″slimy″ mouth and tongue. YUK!!! She informed Franken that she will never let that happen again. During the stage performance, Franken did try to kiss her, but Tweeden blocked him with a hand and turned her face away.




So, as the USO group was flying back on the C-17 cargo jet, Al Franken decided to have some ′fun′ while Tweeden was sleeping. A publicity photographer attached to the group snapped the photo above. After landing, Tweeden received a copy of a CD disk with all of the photos taken during the trip. She then discovered the creepy, Al Franken groping photo. Needless to say, Leeann Tweeden was not amused.


Now Senator Al Franken (D-MN) apologized twice after the story became public. Tweeden told Jake Tapper that she accepts the apologies, but there is no doubt that this whole episode was upsetting to her. At once during the interview on CNN, Tweeden had to pause to wipe away tears and compose herself. Shortly after Tweeden′s story broke, a second women, Melanie Morgan, has alleged that Franken stalked her. Also, another photo from 2000 emerged showing Franken groping Joy Beyhar. Other stories from Franken′s past are popping up, including statements he has made against homosexuals, wanting to drug and rape Lesley Stahl, and telling ′jokes′ about raping infants.


After making his second apology from the floor of the U.S. Senate and requesting to be investigated by the Ethics Committee, Al Franken went into hiding for the rest of the day. Some of his fellow senators agree that Franken′s behavior should be investigated. Franken has been an embarrassment to the Senate since he was first elected. Now add hypocrisy to the list of his many faults. Unlike in the allegations surrounding Roy Moore, Al Franken has admitted to the accusations against him, and there is actual photographic evidence. I suspect that in the coming days, more women will pile on against Franken and his clownish attitude towards women.


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