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Dear AntiFa, Go To Venezuela

I have a message for the membership of AntiFa, GO TO VENEZUELA! If you guys are really all about fighting Fascism, then that is where the action, or Aktion, is. Even a recent documentary aired by Vice TV shows just how bad things are in Venezuela. Under Nicolas Maduro and his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, the bare necessities like food, milk and toilet paper are in short supply. They have turned a once prosperous nation into a Marxist, dictatorship hell-hole. AntiFa claims they not only oppose Fascism, but also police brutality, too. There is plenty of police brutality in Venezuela to demonstrate against. Of course, AntiFa is a Marxist-Communist group, so they ought to fit right in with the Maduro government. Who knows, maybe he′ll them them their very own water cannon to hose down people seeking justice and democracy with?




AntiFa has been around for quite a long time. They have ′chapters′ in just about every ′Western′ nation. For many years, they were rather low-key, maybe coming out a couple of times a year at various G8 or G20 meetings. Anyplace where globalists held a conference. In recent years, however, they have started appearing more often in public, usually at colleges where some Conservative or other Reactionary types would speak. Then came the wave of anti-police riots starting in Ferguson, Missouri in 2014. AntiFa became a regular, teaming up with Black Lives Matter and other Marxist groups to battle police and The Establishment.


Once the 2016 election primaries began, AntiFa got a real boost as Democratic operatives began recruiting professional demonstrators. Many were paid as much as $1500 for one day′s work staging a protest at a rally for Donald Trump. Some even were put on retainer, earning $2,500 a month just to be on call. The money came from the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC and their big-money supporters. Organizers of these protestors met regularly at the White House, sometimes even personally with Barack Obama. Despite these groups violating many federal laws, the Obama Justice Department looked the other way and failed to prosecute any of them.


Since the election of President Donald Trump, AntiFa has been working over time. Hardly a week goes by without them stirring up trouble somewhere. They primary goal is to create as much chaos as possible, rendering civil order impotent. Take this weekend′s rioting in Berkeley, California. While police were standing by during an anti-Marxist rally, trying to highlight free speech and other liberties which are endangered, the cops were under orders by Berkeley′s political officials not to intercede in any violence caused by AntiFa ′counter-protesters′. And there was plenty! Even members of The Media were beaten and injured by the masked members of AntiFa.


I have nothing against people peacefully protesting against The Establishment or Globalists. I′m all for such protesting! But AntiFa has shown themselves to be a violent organization, a genuine, domestic terrorist group. Why the FBI and federal marshals are not raiding their meeting places and the Justice Department going after those who fund them is beyond me? Bless Jeff Sessions′ heart, he has a lot on his plate. But AntiFa has become a major problem in America. Until they are brought to heel, the situation is just going to get worse. When President Trump held a rally in Phoenix the other week, one group from AntiFa showed up packing guns. How much longer will it be before they start shooting and bombing the public? Which is why a say to AntiFa, GO TO VENEZUELA! Maybe you′ll be appreciated there.


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