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Deep State Briefing On SpyGate Today

After some prodding by President Donald Trump, the FBI and DOJ will brief leaders from Congress about SpyGate. Two briefings, one for Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy, followed by another for the Gang of 8, minus Paul Ryan, will take place at noon and 2pm today. These will be classified briefings, so what the members of Congress will be told about the origins of the Russia probe will not be shared with the public. Unless, of course, one or more of the Democrats attending leak the information out. Trey Gowdy has already warned Democrats like Adam Schiff to keep their mouths shut.




While leaving for a conference about the drug gang, MS-13, on Long Island yesterday, President Trump voiced his displeasure about SpyGate. About how ′Confidential Human Sources′, as James Comey and James Clapper put it, did not infiltrate the Trump presidential campaign merely to watch out for Russians. The more likely scenario is that SpyGate was orchestrated by the Barack Obama administration to spy on the Trump campaign and relay any useful information to the Hillary Clinton campaign. Also, to set traps for Trump campaign workers to be used later for criminal charges should Trump win the 2016 elections.


Yesterday, Rush Limbaugh summed up the latest Liberal lies about SpyGate quite simply. If the goal of the FBI informant, or informants, were to actually protect Donald Trump from any Russian provocateurs, then why were none assigned to infiltrate the Hillary Clinton campaign for the same reason? There had already been attempts made by someone to hack the DNC computers. Another point raised by Limbaugh is that if Obama′s national security team were so concerned after learning that Carter Page had joined the Trump campaign, why did they not simply contact Trump and tell him that Page had ties to Russia in the past? Why allow Page to be a potential Russian agent in the first place?


No, the answer seems more likely that informants were infiltrating the Trump campaign to cause mayhem. To spy on activities and report back to their Deep State handlers. To even sabotage the Trump campaign where ever possible. This is the more plausible scenario. Especially given how members of that national security meeting, like Obama′s UN Ambassador Samantha Powers, began requesting NSA electronic intercepts at an unusually high rate and having them unmask any American citizens mentioned. SpyGate was a major, wide-ranging operation on many fronts to attack the Trump campaign. Its code name, Operation Crossfire Hurricane, was well chosen to describe its power, coverage and strategy.


Hopefully, at some point in the near future, the facts about SpyGate will be declassified and made public. Probably once any criminal allegations are established and violators indicted. SpyGate is, potentially, the worst, most blatant abuse of political power in American history. If it is, then a Day of Reckoning is needed to do away with the Deep State and its offenders. Otherwise, our very freedoms and the Republic as a whole will hang in the balance.


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