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Dick Durbin May Think Block-Chains Are Racist

On Friday, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) stated that the term ′chain migration′ is racist, as it conjures up images of slaves in chains. He, along with the rest of the Far Left, politically correct loons, prefer the phrase ′family reunification′ in describing allowing family members to immigrate into America after one member resides here. This begs the question what other terms using ′chain′ might Dick Durbin also think are racist? Chain smoking? Chain lightning? How about the crypto-currency phrase, ′blockchain′? Does it conjure up images of an auction block with slaves in chains being sold?




The puny mind of Dick Durbin knows no bounds, or chains, when it comes to being a stupid liar. We can pretty much guess that Durbin was probably the source of the lie told to The Media about President Donald Trump allegedly calling some nations shit-hole countries. Durbin was a busy liar early Thursday morning, telling the President of the United States a lie about the progress of the DACA talks. Durbin and several senators went to the White House under the pretense that a deal had been made with a bill which would cover all of the points laid out by President Trump. But Durbin and the others in his ′Gang of 6′ lied!


The deal they presented to the President did not have any funding for a border wall or improving border security. The deal also expanded chain migration and the visa lottery programs rather than shrink or eliminate them. Is it any wonder that President Trump may have lost his cool after such an obvious attempt to roll him? Perhaps using some strong language during this meeting Thursday morning with these lying U.S. senators?


This is not the first time Dick Durbin has lied on matters of national policy. He helped Barack Obama spread his lies about Obamacare and other issues. Talk about shit-hole countries, Illinois could be called a shit-hole state! Illinois is one of the most politically corrupt states in the union. The last couple of governors were convicted and locked up in prison. Chicago has a murder and shooting rate that rivals many war zones on the planet. The state is deep in debt and some areas suffer from chronic poverty. The latest political corruption scandal in Illinois is over the plans for the new Barack Obama library. A billion-dollar boondoggle that will do little for humanity.


The Democratic Party always resorts to accusing any opponent of being racist at some point. They have been doing this for decades. But reality tells a different story. Under the Obama administration, Black unemployment reached record highs, averaging around 14% over his 8 years, peaking at 16.8% in 2010. Under President Trump, in just a few short months, unemployment for African-Americans has hit a record low of 6.8%, the lowest ever since such data began to be gathered in 1972. In the last 3 or 4 months, Blacks are being hired at a rate higher than any other racial group in America.


No, President Donald Trump is no racist. Nor is he even ″racially ignorant″ as one Black community leader said on Friday. President Trump meant what he said during his campaign when he urged Blacks to give him a chance to make their lives better. African-American citizens are doing much better now and their lives will continue to improve as the Trump Agenda progresses. Not just economically, but also in living in safer communities with improved infrastructure, including better schools and such. Dick Durbin has done little, towards correcting past racial problems. If anything, Durbin, and his fellow Democrats, have used race for political gain, resulting in more harm than good.


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