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Dirty Dossier, Dirty Tricks

While there is no evidence of any collusion between the Trump campaign with the Russian government, there is a growing mountain of proof of plenty between the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Russians. Fusion GPS appears to be the nexus point. Not only did they hire Christopher Steele, the former MI6 agent who compiled the ′dirty dossier′ and now faces possible criminal charges of lying to the FBI, but Fusion GPS was also working for the Russians on reversing the Maginsky Act. In fact, Fusion GPS had met with the Russian lawyer both before and after her meeting with Donald Trump Jr in June of 2016. This begs the question if that meeting at Trump Tower had been a set up by Fusion GPS in order to play a political dirty trick?




If so, then this would be bigger and far worse than Watergate! Talk about treason and unpatriotic! The scope of this could very well extend from the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DNC, the Barack Obama White House and much of our intelligence and law enforcement institutions. All of which were politicized and weaponized to sabotage the Trump campaign, transition team and administration.


Even the charges by the Robert Mueller probe against Paul Manafort on alleged money laundering have the fingerprints of Fusion GPS. Efforts to shift Mueller′s probe from Russian collusion to obstruction of justice against President Donald Trump will fall apart once the DOJ Inspector General report is completed and released in March. We are already getting indications that the firing of James Comey was absolutely necessary for his gross negligence and incompetence. Two items which seem to be repeated throughout the entire Obama executive branch. From the FBI and DOJ to the State Department and CIA, all of the signs are that our government was being mismanaged by a bunch of total idiots! With Barack Obama reigning as the King of Fools!


The next few months will show the unraveling of the whole, convoluted mess. From the actual obstruction of justice by the Hillary Clinton campaign and the FBI to how the Obama White House abused its authority and allowed the CIA, NSA and other agencies to carry out a political attack against Candidate, and later President-Elect, Donald Trump. From covering up Hillary Clinton′s violations of the law by using a private email server while she was Secretary of State, and running a ′Pay-For-Play′ scheme to enrich her family, to wiretapping members of Team Trump based on a dirty dossier paid for by Hillary, the DNC and probably even the FBI under James Comey. If I can figure it out and connect all the dots, I′m sure that others will, too!


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