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Doctor Says Trump Fit For Duty

White House physician, Rear-Admiral Ronny Jackson reported yesterday that President Donald J. Trump is, ″Fit for duty″! Yes, our 71 year-old POTUS is A-OK! His cholesterol level is a tad high as is his weight, 239 pounds. But given his age and height, about 6-foot, 3 inches, he is in remarkably good shape. Dr. Jackson told the White House Press Corps that he has no doubts about President Trump being able to serve not just one term in office, but even two! At the President′s request, Dr. Jackson also gave POTUS the Montreal Cognitive Test, to which President Trump passed with a perfect score of 30-for-30. Thus laying aside any silly talk about him having dementia or other mental problems.




Needless to say, The Media went crazy, showing just how insane they are! For over an hour, they pummeled Admiral Jackson with every ridiculous question they could come up with. ″Does he watch too much TV?″ ″Does he have dentures?″ ″Is he addicted to drugs?″ When one nutty reporter asked Dr. Jackson how could President Trump be in such good shape eating junk food and not exercising, the Admiral replied, ″genetics, he must have good genes.″ NO SHIT!!!


Of course, Jim Acosta of CNN, home of ′Very Fake News′, challenged the Admiral as if Dr. Jackson were holding back ′the truth′, lying to the Press Corps and the American People. Acosta got himself and the rest of the Press Corps tossed out of a meeting between President Trump and the president of Kazakhstan. Bozo Jim was still harping about the ′vulgar language′ POTUS is alleged to have used according to known-liar, Sen. Dicky Durbin. Dr. Jackson immediately put Acosta in his place as a fool and a jerk and moved on to the next idiot reporter.


Meanwhile, down the street, the Senate Judiciary Committee was holding court, peppering the Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen. All of the Democrats, including Dicky, as well as resident RINO, Lindsey Graham, all tried to get the head of the DHS to admit Durbin′s lie was the truth. But she didn′t, causing New Jersey Senator Corey Booker to have a mental meltdown. She stuck to her story that she did not recall the exact phrase uttered but added that many at the meeting were using ″strong language″. Booker was literally yelling at Secretary Nielsen, accusing her of lying. I have to say it was no way to treat a cabinet secretary, nor a lady at that. Perhaps members of The Media and the Senate need to take the Montreal Cognitive test?


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