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DOJ, FBI Scandal Grows

There is more evidence that the DOJ, FBI scandal is growing on the eve of the release of the Inspector General report on the Hillary Clinton email probe. An email by FBI agent Peter Strzok after the Loretta Lynch tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton verifies that the FBI had already decided to exonerate Hillary in April of 2016. The email, obtained by a FIOA request from Judicial Watch, has Strzok lamenting about the tarmac story. Next, we have the exclusive report by Catherine Herridge of Fox News. She claims that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein threaten members of the House Intelligence Committee and their staff with subpoenas for their smart phones and records in January of this year. A sure sign that the DOJ and FBI are out of control and must be reigned in by Congress and President Donald Trump.



The DOJ is denying the Fox News story. AG Jeff Sessions even defended Rosenstein while appearing on the Fox News show hosted by Tucker Carlson last night. However, Congressmen Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan seem to believe this latest, outrageous action by Rosenstein. They are planning to submit a bill before the House demanding that the FBI and DOJ turn over all documents the Congress has requested over the past few years. Including unredacted copies of FBI text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page.


One unredacted text message popped up showing that the DOJ and FBI are abusing their power to redact these messages for ″national security reasons″. The redacted version released earlier indicates that Strzok was getting push back from somebody over some unknown reason. The unredacted version names who he was arguing with, somebody named Stu, and that it was over the FISA warrant to spy on Trump campaign volunteer, Carter Page.


Taken individually, one might argue that these actions mean nothing. But, taken together, and added to many other efforts by the DOJ and FBI to cover their tracks on abusing their power, and what we have is clearly is two vital government agencies running amok. With Rod Rosenstein and others scrambling to obstruct justice and block Congress from executing their Constitutional authority to oversee such agencies. I can only imagine how this aspect will enlarge greatly tomorrow when the report from Michael Horowitz, the DOJ Inspector General, tells the world just how badly the DOJ and FBI bungled the Hillary Clinton email investigation.


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