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DOJ IG Report Charts FBI, DOJ Tainted, Biased Probes

A recent story by USA Today has revealed how the biased, FBI text messages were uncovered. The Justice Department′s top Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, has been conducting a probe since January on the FBI probe into the Hillary Clinton private email server. The 10,000 text messages between FBI agent Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page were not the only questionable activities Horowitz found. The DOJ′s fourth ranking manager, Bruce Ohr, as well as the FBI′s top lawyer, James Baker, have both been recently reassigned from their senior positions. Deputy Director Andrew McCabe is now also planning to retire from the FBI in March as his activities are being questioned. There appears to be growing evidence of collusion within the FBI and DOJ amongst these high-level employees that they may have skirted, if not broken laws, to absolve Hillary Clinton and her staff of any wrong doing. On top of that, they may have also colluded to prevent President Donald Trump from getting elected, or, at the very least, create chaos in his taking office.




Aside from how James Comey and the others gave Hillary Clinton a pass on criminal charges, this group may have also used a fictional document as grounds to conduct electronic surveillance on the Trump campaign and transition teams. A document bought and paid for by the Clinton campaign and the DNC. The abuse of power by the FBI and DOJ if this is true would make this affair the biggest government scandal in U.S. history!


Let us not let Barack Obama and his White House staff off the hook, either. Politicizing the FBI, DOJ and several of our intelligence agencies to be used for attacking a political opponent had to be directed and approved by somebody. The three most likely suspects would be Ben Rhodes, Valerie Jarrett and or Barack Obama, himself. There is little doubt that Obama set the stage for obstructing justice to give Hillary Clinton special, favorable treatment during the email probe. Obama even went on national TV and downplayed the violations of our nation′s laws to the general public.


From early on in the Obama administration, we began to see the weaponizing of our national institutions. In fact, it was Michael Horowitz who conducted the DOJ review of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the ATF, in the Operation Fast and Furious case. This was when the ATF was ′gun-walking′ firearms to Mexican drug cartels, which resulted in the deaths of two American Border agents. They were killed by the very weapons sold to drug dealers by ATF operatives.


In later years, we saw the DOJ and FBI used against news reporters from Fox News, CBS News and the Associated Press who were reporting on Fast and Furious. Many of these reporters had their phones and emails tapped, including those of family members. While the Fake News Media rails against how the Trump administration treats them, the truth is that the Obama administration actually filed more criminal charges against journalists than any other president in peace time. Then we saw the IRS go after various Tea Party, Conservative and religious groups which opposed the Obama administration. Here, again, the DOJ′s own probes into the behavior of IRS employees was very biased, with no one punished for abusing their power.


The Russia probe led by Robert Mueller is extremely tainted thanks to the same bunch who botched the Hillary Clinton probe. Indeed, one prosecutor on his team was a defense lawyer for Hillary′s IT manager during that earlier probe. Is it any wonder why GOP law makers are now calling for special counsels to look into these matters, as well as the Uranium One deal? That deal involved half of Obama′s cabinet including Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein and Hillary Clinton! Barack Obama twisted and politicized our government′s primary institutions into a cesspool of corruption. Yes, ′The Swamp′ needs to be purged and drained! I would certainly start out by pulling the security clearances of all of these assholes first!


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