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DOJ Inspector General Report On Andrew McCabe


The DOJ Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, released his report Friday about Andrew McCabe. The document confirms that there was just cause to fire McCabe as the Deputy Director of the FBI. Not only did McCabe have a ″lack of candor″ several times with investigators, including while under oath, he also was short on the truth to his former boss, James Comey. Of course, that street flowed both ways as there are allegations that Comey lied to McCabe as well. At the very least, this first installment, with more to follow, from the Inspector General shows that there was considerable dishonesty on the 7th Floor of FBI headquarters. The Bureau′s top management were lying amongst themselves, as well as to Congress and the American People.



This situation is intolerable to a free republic. When you cannot trust the top law enforcement agency in the country, it sets up a condition which puts the entire nation at risk. We soon hope to get the IG′s report about James Comey and his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton email probe, along with further reports on other characters in both the FBI and the Department of Justice. From what we know and have been hearing from other sources, there is a mighty big stink in these two institutions.


McCabe is alleged to have lied at least 4 times under oath, as well as several other times to various investigators and public officials according to the IG′s report. The report indicates that McCabe essentially admitted to allowing details about an on-going investigation into the Clinton charity foundation to be leaked to the press was a move to cover his own political butt. A decision which Horowitz and his team concluded failed to meet the threshold of leaking such information for the public good.


Politics played a huge role in the Clinton investigations, as well as those about then Candidate Donald Trump. In his new book, James Comey admits that his decision to reopen the Clinton email probe in late October was based on politics. In the transcript of the complete 5-hour interview Comey gave to ABC News, he admitted that he knew Hillary would never be prosecuted from the very beginning. He knew Loretta Lunch would not undertake such a course and that even Barack Obama hinted that he did not want Hillary charged with any crimes.


Probably every decision made by both Comey and McCabe made during the entire election period, and even those after the election, was politically biased. The U.S. Constitution and the Rule of Law were never on their radar. The more I read and hear about how all of this unfolded, the more it reminds me of ″A Man For All Seasons″. The story of Sir Thomas Moore and how he was railroaded unto the chopping block for not publicly supporting King Henry VI′s divorce from his first wife and marrying wife #2, Anne Bolynn. One of my favorite scenes from the film version was when Moore explains to his son-in-law that The Law must apply equally to all, even to the Devil himself. Otherwise, the winds of anarchy will sweep away everything.


McCabe and Comey, along with Obama, Lynch and others, represented the top enforcers of The Law in America. The Law concerning the ″gross mishandling″ of classified material is very explicit, that intent does not matter. Yet, the powers that be allowed Hillary Clinton and her staff to violate The Law thousands of times. In Obama′s case, he probably participated in some of those violations, communicating with her through her private email server. Comey and McCabe not only exonerated Hillary, but probably obstructed justice to justify the exoneration. They tossed The Law into the trash bin of history. The question now is will anyone be bold enough to take it out, dust it off and restore the Rule of Law?


Personally, I like Jeff Sessions, but he does not appear to be up to the task of restoring the Rule of Law. I hope I am wrong and that his actions to date are the first, deliberate, yet cautious steps to do just that. I′d like to think that I understand his reasons for taking this slow course of action. We saw under the Obama administration that the FBI and Justice Department discarded The Law quickly and freely when it suited their purposes. So it may make perfect sense for Jeff Sessions to restore The Law in this careful, slow manner.


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