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DOJ Inspector General Report Release Today

Happy 72nd Birthday, President Donald J. Trump! He′ll be getting a terrific birthday gift, too! The Department of Justice Inspector General report on how the FBI and DOJ mishandled the Hillary Clinton email investigation. The 500-page report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz is making many people nervous. Rumors are that it will be highly critical on the actions of at least 4 people, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, and Peter Strzok. Others may also be implicated in wrong doing. An early report from Horowitz led to Andrew McCabe being fired from his job as Deputy Director of the FBI. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced yesterday that more firings may follow.




There is little doubt that the FBI and DOJ will be criticized in the report for showing extreme bias and playing politics during the Hillary Clinton email probe. Had Hillary been anybody else, she would have been arrested, tried and probably convicted of numerous crimes stemming from her gross mishandling of classified material. Many of her inner circle of staff, such as Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, would also be facing criminal charges. But, the fix was in from the very start. Barack Obama, who long ago knew that Hillary was violating the Espionage Act by using a private, unsecured email server to communicate with him and others, did not want her charged with any crimes. Loretta Lynch and James Comey made sure that Hillary got off scott free.


This story has gotten very little play by the Fake News Media, which focuses most of its attention on any anti-Trump news story. Even ones they make up! But the IG report has been looming larger since last summer. Its first casualties were the removal of FBI love birds, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, from their assigned positions. Horowitz notified his bosses at the DOJ about the tens of thousands of text messages the love birds had been exchanging since late 2015. How they were very much opposed to the candidacy of Donald Trump and did whatever they could to keep Hillary Clinton out of any criminal troubles. In late July, 2017, Peter Strzok was removed from the Robert Mueller Trump-Russia investigation and both Strzok and Page were demoted to obscure jobs within the FBI.


Earlier this year, Andrew McCabe was next to suffer from the Horowitz probe. McCabe was fired as the FBI′s Number Two position. A number of other top FBI and DOJ officials were also demoted, fired or resigned. Horowitz and his team had begun their investigation into the Hillary Clinton probe in January of 2017. It is also possible that early gleanings from his inquiry may have also contributed to the firing of James Comey as the FBI Director.


In short, the investigation was rigged from the beginning to exonerate Hillary Clinton. Despite the clear evidence that she and her staff had violated numerous federal laws dozens, if not thousands of times, during her days as Barack Obama′s Secretary of State. Hillary was running for president and had gotten the Democratic Party National Committee, DNC, to rig the primaries to ensure her being the nominee. Obama would not allow anyone to stand in her way. So, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, and a host of other FBI and DOJ officials, did a half-ass job of investigating Hillary′s abuse of national security. They even intervened in the investigations of the Clinton charity foundations and of the possible ties of corrupt contributions by donors who received political favors from Hillary and the State Department she ran.


The DOJ Inspector General report is due out today. President Donald Trump will get a nice birthday present as he will be briefed this morning. A full, but redacted copy of the report will be made public on the DOJ website this afternoon. We′ve been waiting many months for this report to come out. The next question will be how much of the scam, Trump-Russia witch hunt by Robert Mueller has served merely as a smoke screen to protect those who abused their offices inside the FBI and DOJ for the sake of protecting Hillary Clinton?


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