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DOJ Lifts Gag Order On Uranium One Informant

The Department of Justice has lifted a Non-Disclosure-Agreement issued on the FBI′s Uranium One informant. Authorized by Eric Holder and then FBI Director Robert Mueller, the anonymous informant was forced to stay quiet about his 4-year odyssey working undercover. The informant worked with the FBI in exposing a series of felony crimes in the Uranium One deal. Crimes such as extortion, bribery and money laundering were committed by various persons, including at least one Russian national. The Uranium One deal enabled the Russian company, Rosatom and its subsidiary Tenet to gain control of about 20% of America′s uranium. The deal was approved by the Obama administration, including then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.




According to reports by The Hill and Circa News, the informant may have documents and even recordings which may tie a ′Pay-For-Play′ bribery scheme involving Bill and Hillary Clinton. That allegedly, Russian nationals, some with direct ties to the Russian government, donated millions of dollars to the Clinton charity organization. In addition, a bank involved in financing the Uranium One deal paid Bill Clinton some $500,000 directly as a speaking fee. Many suspect that these payments were allegedly bribes to solicit support from the Clinton family to get the uranium deal approved.


Needless to say, Bill and Hillary Clinton, along with others associated with them, deny these allegations. This may include a lobbying firm, The Podesta Group, founded by John and Tony Podesta and run by Tony. John Podesta worked as Hillary Clinton′s campaign manager during the 2016 election. News reports claim that The Podesta Group worked to get the Uranium One deal approved by the State Department, run by Hillary Clinton at the time.


According to news sources, the Obama administration was aware that the FBI was investigating those involved in the Uranium One deal. The informant′s own lawyer says that she was told by her client that it was his understanding that Barack Obama was briefed routinely on the criminal investigation by the FBI. Many of the players in the current Russia probe about alleged collusion with the Donald Trump campaign were part of Uranium One. Along with Robert Mueller, two other FBI officials were involved, namely James Comey and Rod Rossenstein.


The Uranium One deal was apparently hatched by Vladimir Putin, who wanted Russia to corner the world market for uranium. Former Obama officials try to point out that though the deal was approved, none of the uranium was to be exported. However, the New York Times has reported that about 25% of the uranium yellow cake was indeed exported to Canada, Japan and several European countries. However, some of those exports cannot be accounted for as to where they actually wound up.


The big problem for Bill and Hillary Clinton is the appearance that the donations to their charity organization, as well as the paid speech given by Bill in Moscow, look like bribes. Nine people who headed the companies involved in the Uranium One deal donated some $145 Million dollars to the Clinton Foundation and or the Clinton Global Initiative. While in Moscow to give his speech, Bill Clinton had requested a meeting with a high-level Russia government official responsible for nuclear energy matters. The Uranium One deal was approved by the Barack Obama administration shortly after these activities.


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