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Donald Trump First 500 Days As President

The first 500 days in the White House for President Donald J. Trump have been an unending battle against the Beltway Swamp. A hodge-podge collection of federal bureaucrats, The Media, lobbyists, think tanks, the Deep State and Establishment politicians. I have been watching politics for 50 years and I have never seen anything like what we have now! Any other person other than President Trump would have caved in long ago. Instead, President Trump almost seems to revel in this war. It reminds me of how one person said of Winston Churchill, ″He is at his best when bombs are falling all about him″.



Despite the best efforts by The Swamp, President Trump has accomplished a great deal, including a majority of his campaign promises. A remarkable feat for any president to do in 4 years, let alone in 500 days. President Trump accomplished about two-thirds of his campaign promises in his first 11 months in office! At the rate he is going, these next two years and change will be icing on the cake.


The economy is roaring back to life after being in a coma during the 8 years of Barack Hussein Obama. Obama barely averaged a 1.8% annual GDP growth rate. The National Debt doubled, the poverty level went up, millions of jobs were lost and you had to file a truckload of red tape to mop a puddle of water. President Trump cut taxes, added over 3 million jobs, shrunk food stamp rolls, and in the May jobs report, the economy is churning towards a 4.7% GDP growth rate. Unemployment is at its lowest levels in nearly two decades and for minorities, at record low levels!


On other domestic fronts, President Trump is filling a record number of federal court vacancies for judges. He has put a Conservative judge on the Supreme Court. The Obamacare mandate and penalties are gone. The terminally ill now have the right to try new drugs and treatments to stay alive. Border security is beginning to improve as The Wall has started to be built. Border crossing by illegal immigrants has declined sharply. Law and Order is being restored on our streets. The MS-13 drug gang is being hunted down. The spirit of Patriotism has been given a fresh breath of life. Americans are becoming more optimistic after a decade of malaise.


Internationally, America is respected again. ISIS has been kicked out of Iraq and is practically finished in Syria. President Trump is playing hardball with countries who have profited greatly from unfair trade deals. He moved our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to their actual capitol, Jerusalem. He is making NATO stronger, getting many member nations to meet their required contributions. In 8 days, President Trump may pull off the biggest triumph for world peace in decades as he meets with North Korea′s Kim Jong Un at the Singapore Summit!


Yes! The first 500 days of President Donald Trump have been wildly successful! America is rocking again! The country is prospering with more jobs and higher wages. Our streets are getting safer. Our flag and our National Anthem are being respected again, both at home and across the globe. Perhaps, even more importantly, President Trump has caused the enemies of liberty to overreact, exposing themselves for their hatred of freedom and of God, Himself! I can only imagine what the next 500 days of President Donald J, Trump will be like!


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