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Donna Brazile New Book Hacks On Sale Now

Donna Brazile′s new book, ″Hacks″, is now on sale. I will be doing a full review of it shortly. However, this looks like the perfect Christmas book. ″Hacks″ is the gift that just keeps giving! Where else do we get an Insider′s look into the chaos of the Democratic Party during the 2016 election? Well, we did get a nice piece of the story from the book, ″Shattered″ by Jonathan Allen and Amie Parnes. My old readers who followed me back when I was with may recall my glowing review of that book. But ″Hacks″ may very well surpass it just from the few excerpts which have already been published.




In the op-ed by Brazile last Thursday in The Hill, we learned that Donna discovered a rather interesting written agreement between Hillary For America, Hillary Clinton′s 2016 campaign organization, and the Democratic National Committee. In short, Hillary bought, or rented, the DNC in August of 2015 for $10 Million dollars. The agreement allowed Hillary′s Brooklyn headquarters staff to basically run the DNC. They had full control over the DNC′s finances, communications, and even the hiring of staff.


Supporters of Hillary countered that the Clinton campaign rescued the bankrupt DNC and that the Bernie Sanders campaign also had a similar agreement with them. However, that simply is not true. There was most definitely a considerable amount of collusion between the Clinton campaign and the DNC to rig the Democratic Party primaries in Hillary′s favor. Mind you, the DNC, as well as the RNC, are private corporations and can pretty much do whatever they want. Including rigging a presidential primary.


On Sunday, additional excerpts from ″Hacks″ were published by the Washington Post. This time we learned that while Donna Brazile was the interim Chair of the DNC, she actually considered the option of replacing Hillary Clinton with Vice President Joe Biden after Hillary′s fainting spell at the 2016 9/11 ceremony in NYC. Again, Hillary′s supporters began attacking this story by claiming that Brazile was taken in by Russian propaganda about Hillary being ill. Seems that some Russian intelligence agent must have left a shoe on the street curb that exactly matched Hillary′s to help throw the election.



Not to mention other videos and photos of Hillary Clinton fainting or falling or needing help up stairs. Also those video scenes of Hillary having prolonged coughing fits during speeches she gave. I tell ya, those Russians surely know their business! Of course, I′m joking! Camp Clintonista is loaded with the most outrageous and insane bunch of liars and sycophants ever assembled. How they can look anyone in the eye and say that Hillary was in tip-top health is simply shameless. They will all burn in Hell one day!


To her credit, Donna Brazile is not backing down from these attacks from her old friends in the Democratic Party. During the 2016 campaign, she did all she could and was asked of to help Hillary Clinton. Even providing CNN debate questions during the primaries against Bernie Sanders. Brazile claims in her new book, ″Hacks″ that on September 7, 2016, after learning about just how deep the collusion between Hillary and the DNC was, she called Sanders and apologized, informing him of what had been going on. So, I am as anxious as anyone to read her book and get the whole story of what was really going on. If you want to read it yourself, be patient. Amazon and other book sellers are offering it now but all are out of stock until November 15.


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