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Ex Senate Intel Staff Leaker Indicted

The Department of Justice has indicted James A. Wolfe, 57, for lying to FBI investigators. Wolfe is the former head of security for the U.S. Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, SSCI. For some 23 years, Wolfe worked for the Senate, leaving late last year. He is alleged to have leaked classified material on national security to at least 3 news reporters, and possibly a 4th. One of which has been reported to be Ali Watkins, 26, currently with the failing New York Times. From the DOJ indictment and other sources, it seems that Wolfe may have had a romantic relationship with Watkins, and allegedly helped her career by providing her with classified material. The FBI and DOJ have seized computers, smart phones and other devices and material from Watkins.




As head of security for the SSCI, James Wolfe had access to plenty of top secret data. Watkins began her career in 2014 as a national security reporter for McClatchy, then Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Politico, then joined the failing New York Times in December, 2017. She allegedly began her romantic relationship with Wolfe almost immediately when she arrived in Washington after graduating from Temple University. She obviously has been putting her ′talents′ to good use in acquiring hot, confidential information. Wolfe, then 53, took the then 22-year old Watkins under his wing and is alleged to have provided her with a great deal of national secrets to catapult her career.


The other 3 reporters whom Wolfe may have also allegedly passed along information to were all men. But from FBI and DOJ documents, it seems that Wolfe communicated most with Watkins. One report claims that just in 2017, they exchanged some 10,000 text messages. Ah, l′amour! L′amour, l′amour! Sex goes a long way in helping a young female intern to become a major reporter with a by-line in the failing New York Times in less than 4, short years. Something you would-be Lois Lane types should keep in mind. If you want to get a head in life, hook up with a man more than twice your age! Take the easy way up the ladder of success, in bed, naked on your back!


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