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Facebook Mark Zuckerberg Faces Congress

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began his two-day face-off with Congress yesterday, appearing before a joint Senate committee. The hearing grilled him on subjects like Russian political ads, privacy and censorship. Facebook has much to answer to. They are the world′s largest social media platform with some 2.2 Billion users. Depending on whose numbers you believe, Facebook and Google control between 75% to 90% of all advertising dollars on the Internet. A larger percentage of people get their news from such sites as Facebook than from TV, radio or newspapers. But in Mark Zuckerberg′s mind, Facebook is neither a monopoly nor a threat to democracy.




Zuckerberg also believes that all user data and content is his property. He thinks he can do with it whatever he wants! Censor it, sell it, whatever he feels is in the best interest of himself and his company. Make no mistake, while Zuckerberg was grilled by some Senators, like Ted Cruz (R-TX) and John Kennedy (R-LA), all but 9 of the 55 senators Zuckerberg faced yesterday have received campaign donations from him and Facebook. So, while guys like Dick Durbin (D-IL) took a swipe at King Zuck, behind closed doors, they love him!


Facebook has lawyered-up and has a huge gang of lobbyists in Washington ready for action. Andy legislation and regulations will be crafted to help keep Facebook the biggest fish in the social media pond. You can take Mark Zuckerberg out of his hoodie and T-shirt and put him in a suit and tie, but his shark-like, lifeless eyes do not change. He and his company have become a menace to democracy. For his next trick, he will expand and tweak the artificial intelligence, AI, software to further screen and censor free speech. All the while selling user data to whoever is willing to pay for it.


Today, Mark Zuckerberg faces the House of Representatives for more grilling. Hopefully, they will challenge him more than the Senate did, but I won′t hold my breath. The real threat to ending the dominance of Facebook is coming from their own popularity. Millennials are opting out seeking fresher climes. Facebook is rapidly becoming too old, where middle-aged and elderly users post pictures of their children and grand children, pets, and post their favorite muffin recipes. Facebook is becoming boring! Even more boring than Mark Zuckerberg!


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