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FBI Media Leak Strategy Texts

by Andrew Zarowny, 9/12/2018


Newly found FBI media leak strategy texts messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are causing a stir. These texts were part of those thought to have been lost by DOJ investigators due to ″technical difficulties″. But here they are now and Congress wants Rod Rosenstein to question those involved. The text messages are from April 10 through April 22, 2017. They appear to imply that Strzok and his lover were to discuss a ″media leak strategy″ with somebody at the DOJ. The last of these was from Strzok, praising Lisa Page after an article about Carter Page having ties to Russia was published by the Washington Post. Strzok′s attorney claims that the text messages were about a strategy to stop leaks to the media, but the wording fails to support that claim.



This raises several new questions. Was this particular Washington Post article used to help justify an extension to the FISA surveillance warrant to the FISA court? Were Strzok and Page leaking other stories earlier, including any which may have been used in previous FISA requests? We already know that Fusion GPS and its contractor, Christopher Steele, had been shopping the Trump dossier around prior to the very first FISA warrant request. In doing so, the FBI dismissed Steele as a paid informant and deemed him as less than credible. We also know that a news article published by Yahoo! News was used as confirming evidence to validate the Steele dossier in the first warrant.


The Trump administration is working on declassifying the last FISA warrant extension request, about 20 pages, which had been heavily redacted during a previous document release. Members of Congress who had read the unredacted version say there is nothing which would compromise national security and plenty which would reveal the extent of corruption by the top officials in the FBI and DOJ. Enough, perhaps, to blow the lid off the Trump-Russia witch hunt once and for all, bringing the Robert Mueller probe to a screeching halt.


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