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FBI Mole, Informant Russian Collusion Witch Hunt

Reporter Chuck Ross of The Daily Caller had identified the alleged FBI spy/mole/informant in the Trump-Russia collusion myth way back in March of this year. Rush Limbaugh gave his audience a ′Cliff Notes′ version of the tale yesterday during his radio broadcast. Cambridge Professor Stefan Halper is the man who invited George Papadopolous to London to write a foreign policy paper. Halper then allegedly set up the whole story about how the Russians had thousands of Hillary Clinton′s deleted emails. Halper is alleged to have arranged the contact between Papadopolous and Joseph Mifsud, a professor who allegedly had ties to a Ukraine billionaire and with Russian intelligence. Then, Halper arranged Papadopolous to meet with Alexander Downer, an Australian diplomat, through an Israeli . Later, after that meeting at a London pub, Downer informed the FBI about the conversation from the pub in May, 2016. This served as an excuse to start the Trump-Russia witch hunt.




Halper has many ties to both U.S. and U.K. Governments. He worked in the Nixon, Ford and Reagan administrations in various capacities, both foreign and domestic. He has connections with both the CIA and MI6, as well as with the State Department and the DOJ. Halper is the quintessential ′Deep State Insider′, even having mebrships in the exclusive Cosmos Club in Washington and the Travellers Club in London. He is a published author with books as well as newspaper and magazine articles and columns. Halper has been a guest on many American and British TV news broadcasts.


As a member of the Cambridge Department of Political and International Studies, Halper invited George Papadopolous to London to write a paper on a natural gas field involving Turkey, Cypris and Israel for $3,000 in April, 2016. Papadopolous, 25, was a low-level volunteer foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign. His big claim to fame was having participated in mock United Nations exercises in high school and college. Even after that, Halper had invited Carter Page to a symposium in July, 2016.

The American Thinker article from yesterday details how this whole probably started after the Trump-hating FBI, Peter Strzok, went to London to meet with UK intelligence officials in early August of 2016. On August 15, Strzok exchanged text messages with his mistress, FBI lawyer Lisa Page about the ″insurance policy″ in the event that Hillary Clinton loses the election. Earlier, CIA Director John Brennan had emailed a memo to FBI Director James Comey alluding to possible Trump-Russia connections. This is what launched the initial attempt to seek a FISA warrant on Carter Page. The first attempt failed, a rare event as nearly 99.99% of all FISA requests are approved by the FISA court.


Halper also began other interactions with the Trump campaign right through September, 2016. Some might describe these activities as spying, or setting people up into appearing to have committed crimes, or at least suspicious acts. Perhaps a better description would be as a double-cross-saboteur. While Halper may be officially a ′Republican′, on November 3, 2016, he publicly stated that Hillary Clinton would be a better president for US-UK-European relations. The Australian diplomat, Alexander Downer, is also a dubious character. He arranged for a massive grant from the Australian government to the Clinton Foundation of some $88 Million dollars, allegedly for fighting AIDS in Asia. However, how that money was actually spent is the subject of several, on-going investigations.


So there it! The whole Trump-Russia collusion witch hunt was started by Beltway Insiders serving the Establishment, the Clintons, Obama, the FBI, CIA and other sundry factions. Congressmen Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy are still trying to have access to unredacted documents about the alleged activities of Stefan Halper from the FBI and DOJ. Some of these may even include alleged ′consulting′ payments from the US government to Halper of sums between $200,000 to $400,000. It is a pretty big, fricken mess which needs to be verified and exposed if valid.


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