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FBI Spy In Trump Campaign

If Kimberly Strassel of the Wall Street Journal is correct, the FBI may have had a spy working in the Trump campaign! The WSJ reporter has published a story about the Federal Bureau of Investigations having had a source inside the 2016 presidential campaign of then Candidate Donald Trump. Other news agencies, namely Fox News, since CNN, NBC, MSNBC and the rest of the Fake News Media are ignoring this, are also confirming this possibility. Much of this comes from a subpoena issued from the House Intelligence Committee for all documents of the FBI and DOJ about a specific individual. This person of interest is said to be an American citizen who has been a source in the past for the FBI and the CIA. Congressmen Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy were allowed access to some documents held by the Department of Justice yesterday.




If this development is true, then it is shocking, to say the least! It would be further proof that the Barack Obama administration allowed the FBI, DOJ and possibly other government agencies to be turned into political weapons. This may have been part of the ″insurance plan″ mentioned in the FBI text messages between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. Some speculate that the individual may have even been none other than Carter Page, who was the subject of the infamous FISA surveillance warrant used to launch a counter-espionage probe against the Trump campaign and transition team.


Carter Page would fit the bill as he has worked before providing information to the FBI and other federal agencies about Russian activities within the United States. Whether or not he was the spy is secondary to the basic issue of the FBI actually recruiting a spy on the Trump campaign in the first place. This sort of thing simply should not be happening in our political system.


Whoever the spy is, we have to ask several questions about this course of action. First, who authorized recruiting such an individual? Then we have to ask what was this spy′s mission? Was it just to discover any possible collusion, or was the spy′s real purpose to plant evidence to be used against Trump?


Recently, President Donald Trump said that at some point he may have to intervene in this Russian collusion probe. Perhaps now is the time! I am not suggesting that he end the probe or even fire anyone. What I suggest the President do is to sign whatever order he must to declassify FBI and DOJ documents concerning this matter. Congress has the constitutional authority to oversee the actions of all federal agencies. Despite the protestations by Rod Rosenstein, that includes the DOJ and the FBI. The American people also have the right to know what our government is doing.


To argue that concealing such information is in the best interests of national security is nonsense! If the reason behind the Russian collusion probe is to uncover meddling by a foreign government in our election, then why is it also not in our interest to uncover meddling by our own government? Our election system is supposed to be independent of any interference by any entity, including our very own government! This is why our actual election system is operated on the state and local level. Tampering a national election is nearly impossible given that one would have to manipulate the actions and results from thousands of counties and precincts.


This reaction by members of the former Obama administration, as well as by ′Deep State′ career bureaucrats, has gone on long enough. The time has come to strip the security clearances of a whole bunch of people as well as declassify documentation on what they have been doing. Judicial Watch just obtained some emails by a FIOA request which show that some FBI officials were giving advice to James Comey on preparing for his testimony before Congress back last summer. Including to consult with Robert Mueller and his probe. Pardon my ′French′, but the shit just keeps piling up and is stinking worse and worse! President Trump needs to put his foot down and open the doors and windows for a full, public disclosure. Only then can we finally get resolve this entire affair.


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