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FBI Tainted Bias By Anti Trump Agent

Is it time to investigate the investigators? Could be after we learned about FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok. He was the lead investigator for the Hillary Clinton email scandal. He even sat in when she was interviewed about the emails. And Strzok helped James Comey write his exhortation for Hillary. And he was the lead investigator in the so-called ′Trump-Russia′ dossier which we learned was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton, the DNC and a Barack Obama Super-PAC. Low and behold, Strzok was also on Robert Mueller′s Russia probe team. That is, until Strzok′s text messaging with his girlfriend came to light. Seems that he was texting anti-Trump messages to the female FBI lawyer, who was also on Mueller′s payroll, which Strzok was having an affair with. Strzok, as it turns out, was a Hillary Clinton supporter! I have to wonder if he was also involved in the Uranium One investigation, too?





So why was this heavily biased individual leading some of the most important political probes in the history of the Federal Bureau of Investigations? Could it be that former director James Comey assigned him personally to ensure that justice would be obstructed? Is this more evidence that the entire FBI is tainted and so politically biased that it cannot possibly objectively function as an arm of American justice? How many others in the top echelons of the FBI and other government agencies are also as biased as Peter Strzok appears to be?  President Donald Trump says the FBI is in tatters.  He may very well be right!


I hate to sound like Sean Hannity, but it may be time to thoroughly investigate the investigators. If just half of the reports from James Rosen of Fox News and others are accurate, we have a real mess in the ′Deep State′. The idea that President Donald Trump is guilty of obstruction of justice is as remote as the Falkland Islands compared to guys like James Comey, Peter Strzok and possibly even Robert Mueller. It is starting to look like the real story is not about the Russians trying to influence the 2016 elections, but our own government trying to rig the game for Hillary Clinton. Even at the price of a Constitutional Crisis!


Just how far and deep does this political corruption extend within the inner workings of our national institutions? Did America cross the line into becoming a ′Banana Republic′ during the Barack Obama administration? Or did it in fact happen back during the Bill Clinton days? The more immediate question may be whether it is time to shuffle the deck and scrap the FBI as it current exists? The Department of Justice, too! Can we achieve the goal of restoring honest government without a major overhaul? The actions of this one FBI agent may open a can of worms which may rattle the integrity of our country for generations.


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