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FedEx Stands Up To NRA Boycott

Three cheers to FedEx for standing up to the push to boycott companies doing business with the National Rifle Association! The parcel carrier issued a statement that they believe they should not deny service to any legal entity. Indeed, the NRA and its 5 million law abiding members are about as legal as anyone can be! FedEx also stated that they will not refuse service to any entity due to the customer′s political beliefs. The NRA boycott is being pushed by the usual bunch of Progressive-Socialist groups, many funded by George Soros and Michael Bloomberg. They also have David Hogg, a student who survived the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. He has been busy on Twitter trying to shame businesses whom have a relationship with the NRA, such as discounts to NRA members. But, while Hogg and others feel the NRA bares some responsibility in the shooting, there is no direct connection. You may as well say Microsoft bares some responsibility, and in some ways they might!






Long before the shooting, Nikolas Cruz beat up his adopted mother, throwing her against a wall and putting a gun to her head after she tried to take away his Xbox. Police responded to this incident, however, as in the dozens of other incidents when law enforcement was called out because of Cruz, nothing happened. Cruz was not arrested nor charged with a crime, nor were any weapons confiscated. The adoptive mother died last November from the flu, which at least spared her from the horrors Cruz was soon to commit.


This is not a gun issue. We now know that Cruz had a long history of violence and anti-social behavior. Some of which may be the result of taunting and bullying on Cruz from his fellow classmates, like, possibly, David Hogg. Cruz had many other issues in his personal life, all of which contributed to him becoming mentally disturbed and emotionally unhinged. He was known to frequent websites glorifying terrorism and even bomb-making and appears to have some interest along those lines. One can speculate that had Cruz not had access to firearms, he probably would have found some other way to attack.


The Parkland high school shooting is most certainly an issue of mental health and one of how The System failed many times on many levels to act. A boycott of the NRA does nothing to change this calculus. If ′The System′ failed when it came to Nikolas Cruz, it will certainly fail with others even is the NRA never existed. We have seen this story before, such as in the Newtown shooting in Connecticut, where the mother of the shooter tried to have her son committed before he killed her and went on his rampage at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Such failures are primarily on a state government level for how they deal with people, especially young people, with mental health problems. On the federal level, the HIPA laws prevent such information from being shared on background check systems for purchasing firearms. If David Hogg really wants to make a difference to try and prevent future school shootings, his time would be better spent addressing those matters than with a boycott of the NRA.


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