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Forget Steve Bannon, Stock Markets Hit New Record Highs

Steve Bannon who? While the Fake News Media was focused on trivial matters yesterday, all 5 major US stock indexes hit new, record highs. On top of that, the VIX, the Volatility Index, hit an all time low. In short, it means that there is little to no fear of any economic trouble ahead. If the Dow Jones busts through the 25,000 mark today, which is extremely possible, it will set a another record high, as well as break all records for the time it took to gain 1,000 points. Steve Bannon had nothing to do with this, it was all President Donald J. Trump!




President Trump has created an environment for economic growth. First by eliminating nearly 900 federal regulations which were strangling the economy. A close second was his skill at negotiating better trade deals. Just his actions on slashing the cost of the F-35 Fighter program will not only save American taxpayers about $100 Billion dollars, if not more, our many allies are also benefiting. Numerous American manufacturing companies have seen major increases in orders thanks to President Trump, The Negotiator. In fact, yesterday, the stock markets were chiefly responding to a new report that manufacturing is having its best year in the past 14 years! More new, high-paying manufacturing jobs have been created in the past 11 months than during the 8 years of Barack Obama.


Steve Bannon may have been an advocate for Economic Nationalism, but President Donald Trump has been talking about that topic for nearly 40 years. Bannon did not create ′Trumpism′, he merely embraced it a year and a half or so ago. The source of this ′dust-up′ between President Trump and Steve Bannon is a new book by Michael Wolff, ″Fire and Fury″. Much of the released pages from the book have already been thoroughly discredited. The very idea that First Lady Melania Trump did not want her husband to win the 2016 election is absolutely ridiculous! From the very start, she was her husband′s biggest supporter and accurately predicted that if he ran, he would win! If she was crying election night, it was ′Tears of Joy′! Heck, I cried tears of joy, too, that night!


Of course, the Fake News Media is playing all of this for all they can squeeze out of it. These liars simply cannot accept reality. The notion that President Trump is some demented fool is so absurd it borders on insanity. President Trump′s favorite author is Carl Jung, for crying out loud! Whether you want to call him a genius or not, there is no doubt that President Trump is an extremely smart fellow who knows exactly what he is doing all of the time. To him, these so-called ′journalists′ and expert political pundits are somewhere between mere children or toys to play with.


President Donald Trump has rebuked Steve Bannon, so I have nothing to add. Other than Bannon has blown his golden opportunity and shall regret it till his dying day, if he should live that long. Whether he comes around and admits he screwed up doesn′t matter in the long run. The American economy is doing great and with the recent tax cuts and reforms will do even better. Our enemies fear us, ISIS is being vanquished off the face of the Earth, and we can say ″Merry Christmas″ again! Trumpism is winning! Liberalism, Socialism, and Progressivism are all loosing and failing miserably. Just wait till President Trump puts another two or three decent judges on the Supreme Court. He is making America great again!


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