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George Will Attacks Mike Pence

They say that if you cannot say anything nice about someone, say nothing at all. In the case of George Will, not only can I not find anything nice to say about him, but he is so awful, I must expose his darkness. Especially after George Will attacked Vice President Mike Pence this week. Will called our Vice President, ″the most repulsive public figure″ and ″the worst person in government″. Really? Vice President Mike Pence is a man who loves God, loves America, loves his wife and family. George Will thinks this makes him ″repulsive″? I not only beg to differ, I will turn the tables on the scoundrel who is George Will.




For decades, George Will has been ballyhooed as a great ′Conservative′ political writer. He had many gigs on TV news panel shows spewing his bullshit. Oh, yes! BULLSHIT! During the 1980 Republican presidential primaries, George Will opposed Ronald Reagan. He was backing George H. W. Bush. Later, in 1986, Will turned on his favorite Bush, pretty much for the same reasons he is now attacking Vice President Pence on. For showing some loyalty and honor to our elected President.


Throughout American political history, the Office of the Vice President has not always been a very pleasant position. Yet, it is rather vital, as its occupant is just ′one heart beat′ away from the ′Big Chair′. Since the days where presidents were elected by popular vote determining the Electoral College, Vice Presidents were usually chosen to ensure a victory in at least one state, or to secure particular factions of voters. Either way, the candidate agrees to run in the Number Two slot for the good of the political party, and for that of the nation.


As Indiana Governor, Mike Pence did not have to accept Candidate Donald Trump′s offer. In 2012 and 2016, many wanted Pence to run for the White House, himself. Pence chose not to, but after meeting with Trump, he did choose to to run as Vice President. George Will, who was and is still part of the Elitist, GOP Establishment wing known as the ′Never Trump′ clique, considers this to be a sign of obsequiousness. That Pence is guilty of toadyism, boot licking, and even serving as some Faustian puppet.


George Will is merely a jackass in a stuffed shirt! For many years, he has spewed his own form of boot licking to The Establishment. Let us be honest. If Will were actually a real Conservative, he certainly would not be writing columns for the Washington Post nor appearing on networks like ABC, PBS, etc. Even his stint on Fox News was to beat the drum for he Elites. George Will does not believe that the American People are smart enough to govern themselves. He, along with others like Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg, etc., are abominations to individual freedom, to personal liberty.


With a kettle brewing full of pseudo-intellectualism, Will and his cohorts seek to enslave the average American. Jonah Goldberg′s new book is an example of this. While he attacks Nationalism and Populism, equating it to some primitive tribalism, Goldberg seeks to transform the Conservative movement into a pursuit of the ′Soviet Man′. A person of The State. The ultimate, boot licking, sycophant, whose only purpose is to go along with whatever The State demands.


George Will is particularly offended by Vice President Mike Pence′s support for Joe Arppio, the upstart former Arizona sheriff. The Elites hate Arppio because he believes in borders and that ′The Law′ should apply equally to all. The Elites demand that exceptions be made to favor them, meaning cheap labor in the way of under-paid, illegal immigrants and immunity for the Elites from prosecution of The Law. George Will and his fellows seek the old Plato Republic, an enlightened despotism where the few rule the many. Talk about obsequiousness, toadyism, and boot licking, George Will is more than happy to bend the knee to serve his masters, and expects everyone to do so as well.


President Donald Trump is working to smash that whole enterprise! To restore government and the nation to the people as a whole. Vice President Mike Pence believes that this is the path to take for American, and Human history. I stand with them! I say to George Will, Bill Kristol, Jonah Goldberg and the rest of The Establishment, be gone! Your days are numbered, your cause is cursed! Let the Fires of Liberty burn you all to ashes, your dust scattered in the Winds of Fate.


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