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Government Shutdown 2018 Poster Wars

On Saturday, Government Shutdown 2018 took a left turn into the Silly Zone over some posters. Back on Friday, as Senate Democrats threatened to filibuster and block the continuing resolution vote, the Trump White House branded it as the #SchumerShutdown. Immediately, social media erupted and the hash-tag quickly began trending. So much so that the Democrats hope that the Republicans would get blamed for the shutdown evaporated into thin air. Polling was done and the results were in, even the Liberal news media had to admit that Government Shutdown 2018 was the fault of the Democratic Party.




So, on Saturday morning, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), took to the floor of the Senate along with an ominous poster, depicting President Donald Trump in a disparaging way with the tag-line, #TrumpShutdown. Not to be outdone done, Saturday afternoon, Rep. Bradley Byrne (R-AL), took to the well of the House of Representatives. He brought along a large poster depicting Chuck Schumer, tinted in red as if he were The Devil himself! Along with the photo, the poster included a quote by Schumer from 2013, calling the shutdown then, ″politics of idiocy″.


Just as Congressman Byrne started his ONE-MINUTE speech, Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO), objected to the poster. So Rep. Steve Womack, who was serving as the Chair of the House, ceased all business as he reviewed the poster to see if it violated any House rules. Ruling that it did not, Womack said Byrne could continue. But Perlmutter (what a name!) objected again and disagreed with the Chair′s ruling. This prompted a voice vote, which, naturally, supported Womack. Perlmutter then demanded an electronic, recorded vote. For the next 15 minutes or so, nothing happened while all 435 members of the House had to vote on the matter.


The recorded vote favored Womack′s ruling, 224 to 173. Byrne was then allowed to make his ONE-MINUTE speech! Oh, but the silliness didn′t end there! Another Democrat, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia, then rose and objected to Byrne′s speech. Lewis demanded that it be stricken from the record. So, about 10 minutes or so went by as Womack then reviewed the text of Byrne′s speech, and eventually ruled to allow it to remain in the House′s record. Lewis objected with the ruling and demanded a vote. After the voice vote, which supported the ruling, Lewis then demanded an electronic recorded vote. So, another 15 minutes or so was wasted on that as we already knew how that vote would be identical to the previous one.


Yep, this is our government at work! I say we are shutting down the wrong people! Instead of closing parks and not paying our military or border agents, we should close Congress and not pay them! A whole hour is wasted by the Democrats to prevent the American people to see what Sen. Chuck Schumer really thinks about government shutdowns. Bad enough that this whole thing is over DACA, a program started by Barack Obama without Congressional approval which has been ruled as unconstitutional by the federal courts. Bad enough that Schumer and his fellow Democrats have been blocking not only a continuing resolution to fund the government for the sake of illegal immigrants over actual citizens, but also have been blocking an actual, 2-year, full, federal budget passed by the House back in September!


Not to mention the fact that while Schumer and his colleagues say they want to add a DACA deal to the continuing resolution, none exists! THERE IS NO DACA DEAL!!! The proposed plan presented to President Trump two Thursdays ago only hinted at about 10% funding for border security and expands the dreaded chain migration and diversity visa lottery programs which Trump wants eliminated. The idea that a deal will suddenly appear over the next 3 or 4 days, let alone 3 or 4 weeks, is rather unlikely given that the Democratic Party, along with a few RINO Republicans, will negotiate in good faith. So far, they have not proved that they will.


Two Tuesdays ago, when President Trump hosted a group of 20 senators and members of the House from both parties, he laid out exactly what he was willing to sign into law. The President even said that he would ″take the heat″ from his base of supporters by conceding to the DACA immigrants some type of visa or pathway to legal program. But, he will only do so in exchange for improving border security and switching over to a merit-based immigration system. That chain migration and the visa lottery programs had to go! He is willing to deal and bite the bullet to get at least some of what he wants. He even said he′d take half, but that The Wall and border security were had to be included.


Lindsey Graham and Dicky Durbin may be senators but their math is not very good, only offering 10% of one of three items and expanding the other two, to boot! They can probably cut a deal, postponing talk on chain migration and the visa lottery programs until ′Phase Two′ of a more comprehensive immigration bill. The rational bargain would be to fully fund The Wall and border security while granting visas to the DACA immigrants on condition that they pass a criminal background check. That would be an acceptable ′Phase One′ to begin fixing our immigration policy that most Americans would understand and support.


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